Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
is this a suggestion that the MLP movie was nazi?

'Trumpism' in it's essence; exploitation of everything.
Nora Qudus diaspora
deadbeats R republicans.

Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
little does this guy realize that elizabeth may is exactly the type of person who would do this

hell i'd pay to see them have an open discussion

> Why don't you have a one on one with this Guy??? Dale Swampy Samson Cree Nation in Maskwacis, Alberta

For the Americans here, these are the German election results:

enter image description here

Nah, we are just stuck with five terrible parties instead of two.
tom grzyb diaspora
You get to chose from a larger range, and that is something. But politics (and politicians) sucks, universally.

The #Tsunami of 365 // Ammianus Marcellinus // #Roman Primary Source
Leyline diaspora
The shit hit the fan big time in the 6th century.. the Justinian plague then the 562 AD comet that burned much of the British isles.. big time reset and faked history into the dark ages

You'd Smile Too

#OtD 28 Sep 1907 socialist revolutionary and anti-colonialist Bhagat Singh was born in India. An advocate of working class uprising, he attacked Gandhi for his fear of the proletariat. He was executed by the British in 1931.


Bécassine pleroma (AP)
I am taking the train as part of the way to visit extended family for thanksgiving. I am so excited!

Kallian pleroma (AP)
I like taking the train when I need to travel. Internal flights in the UK can be disastrously expensive and going by car can take just as long as by train and cost more. A five hour train ride where I have leg room and can sit and read (or nap) feels a lot nicer than driving or being cramped on a plane.
Bécassine pleroma (AP)
train supremacy

La vie est courte: transgressez les règles, pardonnez rapidement, embrassez langoureusement, aimez profondément, riez comme des fous et ne regrettez JAMAIS quoi que ce soit qui vous fait sourire

Mark Twain

I`m #newhere, 23-years old. I graduated from the Faculty of History in the direction of #history. I have also been studying #architecture of different periods of #Russian history for more than 3 years. At the same time, I have been photographing for 6 years as an amateur, but if necessary, I can also do it professionally. I have been interested in #politics since 2014, since 2016 I have been working as a signature collector, since 2017 I have been participating in #protest #actions, since 2018 we have been actively protecting historical and cultural heritage together with public figures and local historians. The first participant of the youth-democratic movement #Viasna, who registered in this social network. Let me explain, I am the regional coordinator of this movement in the #Altai Territory.

Дороу. Я #новичок. Окончил исторический факультет по направлению #история. Я также более 3 лет изучаю #архитектура разных периодов российской истории. В то же время я фотографирую уже 6 лет как любитель, но при необходимости могу делать это и профессионально. Я интересуюсь политикой с 2014 года, с 2016 года работаю сборщиком подписей, с 2017 года участвую в акциях #протест, с 2018 года мы активно защищаем историческое и культурное наследие вместе с общественными деятелями и краеведами. Первый участник молодежно-демократического движения #Весна, который зарегистрировался в этой социальной сети. Поясню, я являюсь региональным координатором данного движения в #Алтайский край.
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Y A diaspora
Hello and welcome to D* !
Hi, and welcome!

tom grzyb diaspora
I can feel it! 😉
0ms 3ph diaspora
@tom grzyb me too 😀
(it is an alternative way to reach our goals)

new gura emoji dropped :guradance:

Acta Populi friendica (via ActivityPub)
Infrastructure and Budget Bills Contain Very Bad Logging Provisions Which Will Make Climate Change Worse

Еврокомиссия изучит контракт Венгрии и «Газпрома»

NSFW diaspora

#nsfw #girls #sexy

synapsid pleroma (AP)
whoops, forgot the pictures

Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
I'm pro-vax and I don't see the problem here. consent is important: as long as there are consequences for not getting vaxxed (like staying home) this is reasonable.
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
i mean
the underlying assumption of a problem is 'oh people are stupid and won't be able to do risk analysis properly' but this is paternalism gone amok
s pleroma (AP)
you faggot bitch. consequences for being a person. consequences for not jumping through hoops like a trained animal
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
consequences for exposing your community a bioweapon

consequences for being a vector to killing and maiming people in your community through your actions

consequences for helping a public health crisis to continue

yes, consequences
s pleroma (AP)
its imaginary and fake. thers no fuckign bioweapon u moron. thers no health crisis,. its only made up on tv. not reality. its fake statistics that mean nothing
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
Oh yeah, i'm sure the bioweapons program that just happened to have a BSL4 lab right beside where the outbreak started is purely coincidental fucktard

It's not fake. It's killed people in my life, and some of my students have had it.
s pleroma (AP)
where they say the "outbreak" started of the imaginary novel coronavirus. did u see it come from china and spread? or were u just told that?
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
I have a friend from wuhan. Try this bullshit on someone else
s pleroma (AP)
how do u kno that it was only ther and nowhereelse already? hmmmm? idiot
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
again: hrm a bat coronavirus right beside a bsl4 bat coronavirus bioweapons lab

HRMMMMM no definitely not related
s pleroma (AP)
>bat coronavirus. u keep saying that its form bats but thers no proof. coronaviruses are not somethign new
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
> but thers no proof. coronaviruses are not somethign new

so you accept some science, and at least know something about viruses

but you don't seem to know about the family tree of bat coronaviruses, curious
s pleroma (AP)
this entiere vaccine is based on guess work. nothing was isolated. nothign is proven. everything is guessing
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
no shit

but guess work is what we have to work with.

> nothing was isolated.

this is a lie

> nothign is proven.

also a lie
s pleroma (AP)
not a lie retard. fucking get ur shit str8
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
Yes it is. It has been isolated, and there's plenty of evidence if you open your eyes what's going on
s pleroma (AP)
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
yes it has, i've linked to it elsewhere - don't believe everything you read on naturalnews
no it has not and no viorus is proven to do anything
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
it is a virus, and it is proven to replicate and cause a variety of symptoms how can they tell if anyone ever had covid-19 if the pcr test dont work? hmm?
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
"the pcr tests" is a broad class of tests - some do work and are highly specific
we are tought viruses are real things that will get youi sick and they just hang out in the air. lmao. viruses cannot exist outside of cells
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
viruses are real things
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Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
and yes, they can exist outside of cells
s pleroma (AP)
they admit the vaccine doesnt stop you from spreading. how come 95% vaccinated harvard is having more cases than average?
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
I don't know what's up with harvard, they are probably having orgies or something and spreading it.

It doesn't stop you from spreading it, but it helps slow the spread. The important thing is to get R_0 below 1, which it can help with.
s pleroma (AP)
ur a fuckign morong
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
No, actually I'm not. They don't let morons pass the algorithm analysis class at uregina
s pleroma (AP)
thats not how vaccines work dipshit
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
Depends on the vaccine. Not all of them are 100% foolproof
s pleroma (AP)
this isnt even a vaccine monkey boy. enjoy your prion disease. its wats making you so dumb. holes in your brain
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
prions don't spread nearly as fast as airborn fucking bioweapons mr 'wats'
s pleroma (AP)
if it was a bioweapon people would actualy be dying retard
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
people IN MY LIFE have died
s pleroma (AP)
people die. its what happens when you are old and or fat and or diabetic retard
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
nice moving the goalpost retard
s pleroma (AP)
i dont move shit. people die every fuckign day/. get over it. stop blaming covid for people dying
Jeff Cliff pleroma (AP)
I'm not getting over a bioweapon uncontrolling on the loose in my community killing people in my life. What are you going to say 'oh it's just how life works' when the chinese invade your country and kill your countrymen? Fuck that noise

If I know Berlin, it sounds like some people worked their whole lives to buy some property only to have it stolen by commies, trashed by some drag addicts, and bulldozed by politicians who wanted a concentration camp for wrongthinkers.

This won't just screw with Blackrock
Max Mustermann pleroma (AP)
Henlo! See this:

Berlin's bug man population has voted to disown a big real estate holding company.

It landed stealthily, earlier than expected, but it’s upon us: #Guix Home!

It allows you to declare and deploy your 🏠 “home environment”: config files, services, etc.

It’s very much subject to change but you can already give it a spin.

👍🏽 @abcdw, yoctocell, wigust, and everyone who’s helping!

neiko cat pleroma (AP)
damn i should've named my new world character gabagool

PastoraCate mastodon (AP)
They work for US!
H/T MJTruth

Gary Hill diaspora

The fruits of Brexit...
Bosshammer diaspora
Many pig and poultry farms in Germany are due to go out of business soon, so you may have a shortage of meat,if you are vegan you might have a shortage of protein due to the global pea crop failure etc.

The global supply chain is fucked ! How long do you think it will be before you are affected ?
mishaL diaspora
No Borders! No Nations! No Leaders! no euro weld or not

The Linux Experiment peertube (AP)

Incognito mode doesn't protect you: but THIS does!

Improve your online privacy with Startpage:

Your browser’s “Private browsing” or “Incognito” mode is often seen as a magic bullet that allows you to stay safe and private. It’s time to debunk that myth, and explain what “private browsing” really does, and what it doesn’t.

Get access to an exclusive weekly podcast, vote on the next topics I cover, and get your name in the credits:


Or, you can donate whatever you want:

Join us on our new Discord server:
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Follow me on ODYSEE:
Or join ODYSEE:$/invite/@TheLinuxExperiment:e

#privacy #startpage #sponsored

00:00 Intro
00:58 Why use Private browsing?
01:47 What does it really do?
02:37 How do you stay private?
04:18 Anonymous View
05:43 How is it better than a VPN?

Why use a “Private browsing mode"

“Private browsing” has been created to offer a more reassuring browsing experience, and has popped up on all browsers these days. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, all have access to it, even good old Internet Explorer.

With everything going on the internet, like the collection of data on anything you do, and the aggregation of this data into big, comprehensive user profiles, that are made accessible for advertisers to serve you targeted ads, it’s understandable that users would want to find a more private way of browsing.

The issue here is that “Incognito” mode does not prevent data collection at all. Let’s see what it really does.

What does “Private browsing” or “incognito” mode do?

Incognito mode, does not, in fact, make you “incognito” nor invisible on your device. Unfortunately, your identity or activity is still clearly visible by the websites you’re browsing. Your internet service providers, or the company at which you work if you’re browsing on a work device, can still know what websites you’ve accessed.

What “Private browsing” and “incognito mode” does, is browsing without saving cookies and browsing history on your computer or phone. Your browsing session just won’t store anything on your device, unless you explicitly download a file.

How Startpage can help

The first step is to use a safer search engine.

Startpage has a multi step process to anonymize your search query. When you hit “Enter” after you’ve typed your query, it goes through 2 filters:

The first one are the Premise servers. They’re owned by Startpage, and they remove IP addresses and other personal information. They also anonymize any additional fields that might help you be identified by a third party.

Once that’s done, the query is passed on to the cloud servers, which are responsible for obtaining the search results. They call on Google, for example, to get the results, and populate the webpage before displaying it to you.

This method ensures no personal data from your search could be used to identify you. As a result, your search queries are not tailored to what you like, or dislike online, they’re just the purest form of answer to what you’ve been searching for. No filter bubble here.

This is extremely safe, since all personal information is destroyed immediately after being stripped from your query by the premise servers.

Anonymous view
“Anonymous View” demo Anonymous view is a Startpage only feature. You can notice it right next to all search results. What it does, is allow you to browse an entire website without it knowing where you come from, or who you are.

The website will only see Startpage’s IP address instead of yours, and information about your location is changed. Your language will always appear as English to the website, and your clock will show the time as UTC. Even your browser and operating system are hidden, so the company can’t track that, or adjust how the site looks, or even the prices of their products.

“Anonymous View” also lets you avoid fingerprinting, which is a way for websites to establish a unique fingerprint from your time zone, location, Ip address, and browser and OS information.

How is that different than a VPN

You might think “Anonymous View” is a form of one-time VPN, which it kinda is, but it has advantages over a system-wide VPN.

A VPN can’t protect you from browser or device fingerprinting. These techniques use Javascript, and Javascript has access to some browser or device information, regardless of the fact that you use a VPN or not. Startpage’s “Anonymous View” passes false values to the various scripts, which stops them from being able to establish a fingerprint.

This video is sponsored by Startpage.
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Artem peertube (AP)
I use startpage for three years and I'm happy with it.
chrisalzo friendica (via ActivityPub)
I found an article that made me choose another search engine
GauJED peertube (AP)
Thank you
GauJED peertube (AP)
Thank you, must have missed that article back than, I've used to use startpage(or Ixquick) before ddg became useful.

*local/dutch reference for this story:
"Startpage zegt dat er ook in de toekomst geen plannen zijn om persoonlijke data te delen met andere partijen. "Onze gebruikers vertrouwen ons daarin en dat vertrouwen willen we niet beschadigen. Bovendien verzamelen we überhaupt geen data van gebruikers, dus is er ook niets te delen." Volgens het bedrijf opereert de Privacy One Group volledig afzonderlijk van System1."
"Startpage says there are no plans in the future to share personal data with other parties. "Our users trust us in that and we don't want to damage that trust. Moreover, we don't collect data from users at all, so there is nothing to share." According to the company, the Privacy One Group operates completely separately from System1"
Startpage blogpost about it:

Followed up by likely the same source as your article:

Still they recently had a coalition with companies like ddg and Proton:
Adnan peertube (AP)
I like Startpage's Anonymous view feature. It's really good. But with info out there about some ad agency owning it, I wouldn't trust them 100%. But opening up their source code would've at least made them believable, but I found no source code for their service.

I would like to use VPN (or preferably TOR) when using their service + with a spoofed MAC address because [MAC address is accessible by browsers]( We all should keep this in mind especially after what Protonmail did. We can't trust anyone with our data/logs. This is true for not only Startpage but any other organization out there.

Forget about spam, advertising mailings, hacking and attacking robots. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address.

Duplibot is a 100% Free advanced AI article Paraphrase

Duplibot is a 100% Free advanced AI article Paraphrase which turns your existing content into hundreds of unique content. if you are looking for best paraphrasing tool then is the best paraphrasing tool free for online.

Autumn has arrived in the courtyard

#Photography #MyPhoto #Autumn #Shrubs #Courtyard #Modena #Italy
Andre Wemans diaspora
wonderful ❤ ❤ ❤
It seems it is ...white flowers in spring and red berries in has been there for 60 years 😀 @BR 549 ☎

Acta Populi friendica (via ActivityPub)

Hello everyone! After months of working on it - I finally finished my official website - where you can find my digital artworks, t-shirt designs and photography - including this aerial photograph of Brighton Pier.

Everyone is more than welcome to take a look: ****
#oc #photography #art #website #design #fashion #graphicdesign #aerial #landscape

hackaday mastodon (AP)
RT from Tindie Maker Marketplace (@tindie)

VGA Output For Arduboy Console! Pocket gaming on the big screen! #TindieBlog #Arduboy

Original tweet :

Nora Qudus diaspora
they are willing to do everything to kill the virus but get a vaccine and wear a mask and keep social this defines stupid ignorant and in my new book brain dead.
tom grzyb diaspora
Darwin is laughing in his grave.
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