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#WOAH! Look at those threats over on #Pluspora:

#Pluspora #staff threatens to put #Diaspora user on #blacklist over not #blocking me.

Joseph Teller from the #Pluspora staff threatens users with being blacklisted, over not submitting to demands to block people as ordered. How many have been coerced into silence and censorship already?
"Be excellent to each other! ♥" my ass, what is wrong with these People?!
#Diaspora #Federation #Fediverse #Question #Answer #Problem #Help #Threats #Threat #Threatening #Users #No-Excellence-on-Pluspora #Pod #Podmin

@Dr. Cassone please leave pluspora and come to sysad, where you will likely be welcomed. I left after they repeatedly censored me, when I posted medical fact that even the government admits is true. Leave those perverts!
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube @Dr. Cassone He is the only person I know on that pod who isn't a leftist. has on his profile that he is a fan of Adolf Hitler and Holocaust jokes, so...
I see no problem banning him for his content. It does see. A bit of a reach banning the Dr., if he does not ban the guy. Well, unless by him not banning the guy, others are somehow exposed to his content. But the mod calling Trump a Nazi just shows he is ignorant.
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube The way I see the problem is a mob of leftists are threatening to block people if they don't block people they don't like. Nobody gets to decide for me who should stay in my friend's list.
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Nanook hubzilla (AP)
They are Facebook wanna be's, little Fuckerberg clones. Probably the result of him fucking a goat.
But the mod calling Trump a Nazi just shows he is ignorant.
Why? Aren't you the same?
John Doe friendica
I don't know why I received this post from six months ago. However, I believe in freedom of speech and Jews are not exemption.
Nanook hubzilla (AP)
Mystery to me as well. No I don't censor Jews either. Just giving an example of where moderation did not work.
John Doe friendica
@Nanook I mean I don't care if someone makes jokes about Jews. White people are being demonized on a daily basis and nobody cares.
Nanook hubzilla (AP)
I wasn't joking, they DO own all of the major broadcast corporations, big data, and most large banks and brokerage firms.
John Doe friendica
@Nanook True. I think most of us know that already.
Nanook hubzilla (AP)
And yet for pointing out that huge imbalance of power and wealth I'll be declared an antisemitic, while Israel, who murders Palestinians, a Semitic peoples, by the droves, is not.
John Doe friendica
@Nanook Antisemitism is just like islamophobia. A tool to silence criticism.
Nanook hubzilla (AP)
Yep and idiots like the twit at Pluspora is using this tactic because they don't want attention to what they are their clan are doing.
@John DoeWhat do Jews have to do with the context?
baptist_joshua: But the mod calling Trump a Nazi just shows he is ignorant.

Why? Aren’t you the same?

The mod calls Trump a Nazi because the mod believes all the #FakeNews about Trump.
You call Hitler a horrible guy because you believe all the #FakeNews about Hitler.

How are you not the same?
@Theaitetos (テアイテトス) they hate Trump and call him a Nazi because even though they know nothing about Nazism and WWII, they have been taught that "Nazi" is a good word to insult people. They hate Trump because, for all his flaws, he did God's will on many things. He accomplished much to help moral people. So they despise thim, because they love Satan and death.

Very few people know more about the life and thoughts of Adolf Hitler than I do. Hitler was a victim of improper drug prescription, but also he was a very evil man. How do you say he was not horrible? Have you not read his writings? Have you not heard his speeches? Final Solution ring any bells? The Holocaust did happen.
See, you believe Fake News about him. You're just the same as any liberal.
@Theaitetos (テアイテトス) so you are saying that all his speeches are deepfakes made 90 years ago, and Mein Kampf is also fake? Also all the videos of body after body being shovelled into ditches is fake, and all the videos of mass execution in ditches is fake, and all the men and women who lived through it, from nearly every country is fake, and my own Grandfather who was responsible for getting the gear to the men was a liar, because you found a sciolist who fooled you? Is that what you are saying?
@John Doe not precisely true. I believe I may be from Jewish stock from Germany. We are not certain. It seems like you imply that by maybe being Jewish in the long ago past, that that would somehow affect my ability to comprehend evidence against a false narrative. Dude, I am the Alex Jones of false narratives. I believe 9/11 was an inside job, or near it. I believe Sandy Hook was staged. I believe Covid was pre-planned and mostly fake. I believe Hitler was under mind altering drugs and once he was separated from his doctor, and no longer on drugs, maybe even came to regret whst he did, as those who knew him said he suffered terribly from nightmares of the Jews' deaths. I believe the 2020, American election is a forgery, totally stolen. I also believe God is totally in control and allowed that pervert to win in order to perhaps punish America. Or allow her to continue down the road to war.
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube I'm not implying anything. All I'm saying is you become defensive when it comes to Jews because you believe you may have some Jewish ancestry. And I can't blame you for that. I haven't seen Theaitetos calling for extermination on anyone here on Diaspora, so I'm against blocking him just because some leftist shithead said so.
Actually, possibly having Jewish blood has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is because I am a born again believer, so I know God chose the Jews. Also, they are a very productive people, good for the world, just as God said.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube It's a question of what God chose the Jews to do, God chose the Jews to bring Christ to the non-Jews, and through Paul, who was Saul, they did that, but the majority of the Jews think they were chosen to exploit, enslave, and kill mankind, this is NOT what God chose them for, further the majority don't even acknowledge Jesus as Son of God and savior.
[Mat 15:24 KJV] 24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
[Rom 1:16 KJV] 16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
[Rom 2:10-11 KJV] 10 But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile: 11 For there is no respect of persons with God.
Seriously, what is wrong with you? Do you ever even watch any Jewish programming? They talk just like Americans.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Might have something to do with the fact that ALL of the major broadcast corporations in America are OWNED BY JEWS, ALL of big data OWNED BY JEWS, etc.
You say most Jews do not acknowledge God as Christ. And neither do Americans. Most either have man made neo-paganism or atheism.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube This American does, and the broadcast media represents Jews since it's owned by them, NOT "Americans".

This is the typical feeling I see from Israelis and how they feel about America.
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube I have mixed feelings about Jews. Some of them are some of the best people I know and some are the worst. I think I told you Ezra Levant here in Canada is Jewish Canadian and his media outlet Rebel News is the best thing that happened to this country during this covid tyranny. They're even crowd funding lawyers to fight the covid fines for people in court.
Jews are a people of cunning liars, satanic child killers, and bloody warmongers:
* They made Christians believe that Jews are "God's chosen", however, the true lost sons of Israel are the Christians, not the Jews. What we call "Jews" today are in fact the Pharisees, while the actual Jews of old, the Hebrew people, are not.
* Abortion in the Western world is an utterly Jewish agenda. Everywhere you go, you'll see it has always been Jews who pushed this unto Christian nations. The more hostile a Christian nation is toward the Jews, the fewer abortions you have.
* Warmongering is a favorite pastime of the Jews, and every war you've seen the West engage in over the past 100 years has been instigated and pushed for by the Jews. No Jews = No Wars.
so you are saying that all his speeches are deepfakes made 90 years ago
and Mein Kampf is also fake?
Also all the videos of body after body being shovelled into ditches is fake, and all the videos of mass execution in ditches is fake
What if you find out one day that your biological Parents were Jewish?
@John Doe is not that other groups? I know some blacks that I like and some I despise. Some Mexicans I like, some are despicable. Some whites I like, many I despise. If you look for bad people, you will find them! Just look at you. Go look at your posts. Nearly all of it is about evil, white people. One could then surmise that "whiteys is evil!" But you look for negative stories to post, so you find them. You surround yourself with negativity. It is not good for you, man. If one read your posts, they might assume all Americans are pervert loving, idiots. Well, just because many are, it does not accurate to equate Americanism with evil, vileness. Anymore than it is to pick and choose the few Jews who cause trouble, and then apply that to them all, when you see story after story of how they help people. Someone posts and untested claim that some IDF soldiers did something bad. But do you attempt to see if it is legit, or ripped from context? Do you watch video after video of American soldiers doing the exact same things, where they come forward to speak of agrocities committed overseas? Wiping out innocent Iraqis admittedly? All man is evil. So it is not the Jew who is evil, but all mankind!!!
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube My posts are negative because I think it's important to expose the evil doings and the corruption of the left happening all over the Western world. Diaspora is plagued with left wingers trashing conservatives and Christians, so I'm trying to balance things out a bit. I've tried to post non-political stuff but nobody is interested since I don't have any friends I know in person here.
[Psa 14:1-3 KJV] 1 [[To the chief Musician, [A Psalm] of David.]] The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, [there is] none that doeth good. 2 The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, [and] seek God. 3 They are all gone aside, they are [all] together become filthy: [there is] none that doeth good, no, not one.
The Jews are an evil people. The Germans are an evil people. The Americans, the French, the John Doe's, the Robert Dinses, the Baptist Joshua's. All of us are evil. God saved me so that now I am a new creation. But I still have a sin nature. You two are doing no different than the Leftists, who call all white people racists. You speak of the Jews as a special sort of evil, but they are not. All people are evil. Some are just visibly less evil. Blacks are synonymous with high crime, violence, and ignorance. Does this mean there is an inherent, genetic problem with blackness? No! It is their culture! And many are super nice, great people! But if you think whites are better, they too are vile in that if you go your whole life feeling blacks are bad but white society is better, then at age 50 discover your life savings have been hacked, it most likely was committed by a white guy, more than a black guy. We hear everyday about some white collar crime, and some blue collar crime. Guess what? They are both done by all ethnicities!
What if you find out one day that your biological Parents were Jewish?
I'd kill myself. Better dead than a Jew.
then at age 50 discover your life savings have been hacked, it most likely was committed by a white guy, more than a black guy.
Nope, it was most likely done by a Jew.
And we all know the reason that it wasn't a black guy: they're usually not intelligent enough to hack anyone.
We hear everyday about some white collar crime, and some blue collar crime. Guess what? They are both done by all ethnicities!
That's typical Jewish rhetoric: it aims not at discovering the truth, but to hide the truth.
So sure, crimes are done by all ethnicities, but not by all ethnicities at the same rate. Just like school shootings are done almost exclusively by males, not females; or murdering someone with poison is done predominantly by women, not men.
We non-Jews are able to see that there are important differences between the races & sexes.
We non-Jews do not try to hide those differences from one another.
We non-Jews do not lie to others about those differences.
We non-Jews are not of the Jewish father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.
Read Romans 11, which is about boasting against the Israelites, and God's warning about that.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Thought Jews didn't believe in the New Testament.
@Robert Dinse you keep confusing words. There is a difference between a person whose genetics are of Jacob and those who are of the wayward Judaism sect. Children of Jacob are some born again believers, some Judaistic, and most are secular.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Yes that is a point of confusion, when one says Jew one doesn't know if they are speaking genetics, religion, or culture.
Well over 50% of news about blacks is criminal, therefore, according to your logic, blacks are bad.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Criminal blacks are bad, so are criminal whites.
Most news we hear about American soldiers is either about their suicide or death by enemy, therefore that must mean all soldiers die while in service.
Oh no no no. If Jews are bad, then blacks are bad, because most news you yourself see on blacks is criminal. Also, Germans are Nazis, or rioters as most news I ever see from Germany is either them rioting or having Nazis.
@Robert Dinse as I suggested before, about your background, you should do a D.N.A. check with a reputable company, to find out if you have relatives. You can do this with Ancestry, and while the deep background of your ethnicity may be false, it can show you close relatives, so you can find out what ethnicity you are.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube I think in this day and age it's best to keep one's DNA to oneself. And no I do not mean to suggest all Jews are bad, however, they do control essentially all media and there are some, George Soros for example, who are close to Satan incarnate.
You keep universally condemning Jews, because the sources you use speak negatively about them. Well, the news speaks negatively about blacks, so you, following your own illogic, should also be condemning the blacks.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube To be clear on my position, I do not think all Jews are bad, I know some who are very decent people, but there do seem to be a group in power, that are very evil. ALL the major broadcast corporations are Jewish owned, most of Big Data is Jewish owned, most of the major banks and brokerage houses are Jewish owned, when you see that much concentration of wealth and power in one group, you SHOULD ask why.
Also, might as well condemn all adopted kids, while you are at it. If you look into history, they were often condemned as no good and trouble makers, so you might want to pick on the adopted as well, following your illogic.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Well that would be me. A no good trouble maker.
Thanks to the media, we all now are told that white men are bad, so you might as well condemn yourself. And before you miss the point and say, "Jews control the media!" that matters not, because someone controls the media you use to be subverted into believing all Jews are bad. Both are false sources of info.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Jews control the media is a verifiable fact. The question is why do the Jews want to push Communism over capitalism and pit blacks against whites?
You speak of Jews as being synonymous with evil. In explanation you refute this notion. But you do not post explanations. You post blanket ststements. It would be like me constantly posting that blacks are bad.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube You keep putting words in my mouth even though I very clearly stated my position. You seem to have a problem with group theory. If A is a subset of B, that does not mean all of B is identical to A. All positions of power in the US are essentially occupied by Jews, that is group A, people in positions of power, are a subset of group B, Jews. The opposite is not true, all people who are Jews are not in positions of power. Can you recognize that distinction? Now, do you feel it is not right to be troubled by the fact that all people in positions of power belong to a single group? Does it not make you want to understand their agenda and recognize the fact that it's probably not good for you?
Because they are Democrats
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Ok, why are they all Democrats? That's an interesting topic in and of itself, though that is one that they seem to trade off every decade or so.
People are democrats because the more wicked you are, you will be a democrat.
robert, it is YOU who makes the blanket statements and me you keeps saying that just because some are bad, not all are bad.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Yes I keep making this statement because it is true. Some Jews are bad, not all are bad. That can be said of people in general, however, people in general do not have complete control over all mainstream media, Jews however do.
Not all in power are Jews. Obama, Harris, and on and on and on.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Obama is not in power, and really neither is Haris or Biden, they are puppets of Soros and Rockefellers and others and they were put in power by a Jewish controlled media.
@JohnDoe, what type of good content would you post?
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube It depends what you consider good. I think conservative news are essential in order to expose the msm propaganda. I post on multiple platforms to spread the information. You can ignore my posts if they have a negative effect on you.
There is only one way for the Jews to find redemption, atoning for their sins and pray to Jesus Christ for mercy. They need to give up on their worldly possessions, all of it ill-gotten, tainted by the blood of children they murdered most foul. Let them have a small piece of land, no outside assistance, and earn their living by the toil & sweat of honest labor, tilling the fields, mining the ground, and building with their own hands.
How many of these elites are white males?
John, why do you need to expose the msm? Why do you follow that with which you despise? Just...stop reading their garbage! You will be far happier.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Maybe because they lie through their teeth?
It is Christ who atoned. We do not atone. He already did. It is finished.
But at this point, they lie to mostly those who want lies. Most conservatives know the media lies, and they are wasting their time watching them anyway. So John Doe is wasting, in my opinion, his life by telling to the choir that the msm lies. We know this!
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Unfortunately YOU know this, a lot of people seem to believe this shit.
But at this point, they lie to mostly those who want lies.
But do they realize the extent to how much they're lying? No. You're the best example: You believe everything they tell you about Hitler.
And you consistently post nudes, yet here claim to be a Christian. Would Christ post nudes?
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube I have a lot of time to waste since I lost my job thanks to the plandemic. I wasn't looking for another job because now I'm thinking to move back to the old continent since things don't get any better here.
I don't claim to be a Christian.
@John Doe what did you do for a living? Maybe move to a free state in America.
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube This was the first time I lost my job and I was working for the same company for 13 years since I came to this country. That means I qualify for unemployment insurance, so I receive money from government. I could also live for at least 3 years in Romania on my savings alone. I'm a conservative, so blue states are not for me, and currently I don't find USA an attractive country to live legally, let alone illegally. Texas and Florida sound nice though.
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@Theaitetos (テアイテトス) you said,
| There is only one way for the Jews to find redemption, atoning for their sins and pray to Jesus Christ for mercy.

I naturally assumed you thought of yourself as a Christian.
@Robert Dinse if you mean individually, he brought at least the elect, if not anyone, into this world via a soul and conception. We are not humans with a soul. We are a soul with a body. The soul is forever, the body is a temporary device used to interact with a physical world. When the body is destroyed, the soul goes on, either in heaven, or in hell.

If you mean originally, God created man out of the dust, approximately 6,000 or so years ago.1
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Yes it is, but he brought that temporary body into the world unclothed. Given that it is, as you say, a temporary device used to interact with this physical world, I do not understand the importance so many in this world attach to it. It bothers me that shit like Montero's Call Me By Your Name is at the top of the charts in the US, this to me is a serious indication that our culture is controlled by Satan.
@Theaitetos (テアイテトス)please don't think I hate you or am particularly angry. I like some content you post, other than the nudes, which I do not see in my feed. But on the topics of Jews we will butt heads. Let's say that it is true, that Jews are at the helm of many countries and companies. Would then they also not be typically white males? So then, if you can claim the fault lies in being Jewish, a Leftist can just as readily claim the fault lies in being white males, and you have no means to confradict this.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube @Theaitetos (テアイテトス) Yes but there aren't any non-Jewish white males at the helm. Again you're having math difficulties in the arena of group theory.
@Robert Dinse God is clear that sex is to be enjoyed within the bounds of marriage only. There is no such thing as "gay marriage." They are universally exclusive. Marriage is and can only be between one man and one woman. Sex is not sin, within marriage. And the Bible says, [Heb 13:4 KJV] 4 Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

As to adultery, [Mat 5:28 KJV] 28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Yes but not everyone who sees a woman is "looking with lust", especially older people well past their reproductive years. I find the writers of Deep Space Nine's take on Ferringi women an interesting take. It really is a cultural matter.
@Robert Dinse I do not know anything you refer to about Montero. I do not follow modern trends, really.
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube It's a video in which there are homo-erotic scenes and someone pole dances down to hell and then does a lap dance on the devil. Maybe it's just me but I find this a disturbing indication of where we have arrived culturally.
@Robert Dinsethen if they are both Jewish and white males, how do you know it is the Jewish aspect to blame, and not the white male aspect?
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Because there are no NON-Jewish white males at the top of media whether it be broadcast, big data, or Hollywood and they are the majority in large banking and brokerages. They are only 2.6% of the US population so if it was a white male thing and not a Jewish thing, they would only be 2.6% of these posts.
@John Doe were you born in Canada?
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube No. I was born in Socialist Republic of Romania in 1988 😁
I see so many inventions and good things being done by Jews(Just look at the Nobel recipient list, by country!), and yet a very small few are doing some great evil and you then blame their genetics on it. This sounds just like the Leftists who think everything is America's fault, and specifically white males.
John Doe friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube I'vr been to US many times but only in blue states (California and Washington). San Diego was my favorite city.

@baptist_joshua_on_youtube I don't blame their genetics, I do not know an easy way to separate the genetic influence from the religious influence from the cultural influence but given that it is only a small percentage that seem to believe in the Talmud and act accordingly I am not even sure it is ANY of these factors, it may just be a handful of families that happen to be Jewish, most seem associated with either Rockefellers or Rothschilds. If I had the answers, I would not ask the question WHY are they controlling all the media and money and thereby all the population?
John Doe friendica
My American visa is still valid but I don't need it anymore. I applied for it when I was still contract worker in Canada and they approved it for 10 years.
John Doe friendica
I use an app to strip metadata from pictures and it makes them look like shit because it's resizing them to 1024 kb.
John Doe friendica
@Admin charlaMX Thanks for recommendation! I used Imagepipe on my phone.
Nanook hubzilla (AP)
Yep, me too.
Admin charlaMX friendica (via ActivityPub)
I've read about images containing hidden messages into the image, not saying it's one of them but you know something about it? I don't know if its software or just small texts, maybe something like a hidden barcode or something

John Doe friendica
@Admin charlaMX Wow, I've never seen anything like this before. Maybe that site is introducing some kind of tracking information in the picture.
John Doe friendica
@Admin charlaMX No. The original picture has it too. The picture was taken with a Google Pixel 2, maybe Google is introducing some tracking in pictures.
John Doe friendica
@Admin charlaMX I checked other pictures taken with the same phone and so far I haven't found other pictures having it. Very strange.
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So give me some examples of “Jews” that run everything.
  • CNN, MSNBC, ABC, the Jew York Times, 50% of Fox News (e.g. Chris Wallace) and basically all other news media, except for a few small local/regional newspapers.
  • The Democratic Party, the Biden Not-Administration (50% of the Biden Cabinet is Jewish), the US Senate (Chuck Schumer), the US House (all important chairmanships), the Department of Justice, the State Department (e.g. Anthony Blinken), ...
  • The entire NGO/ThinkTank sphere in the Beltway, ...
  • The entire Impeachment Trials of rightfully re-elected President Donald Trump, e.g. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler [House Intelligence/Judiciary chairmen & impeachment lawyers], Marie Yovanovitch, Alexander Vindman ["star witnesses"], Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan, Michael Gerhardt ["constitutional experts"], ...
  • The setup of the Mueller scam (e.g. Rod Rosenstein) and all of the "turned witnesses" (e.g. Michael Cohen)
  • Silicon Valley, i.e. Google/Alphabet, Facebook, ...
  • The false charges & false testimony against Jesus Christ and his subsequent murder (Pharisees = Jews)
Yes, they're bad too. Unless a Jew specifically calls out the behavior of his ethnicity they are bad, too. Sure, a Mark Levin isn't as bad as the outright evil Ben Shapiro, but he's bad nonetheless.

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