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Nearly 1 in 5 young adults say they're not straight, global survey finds

An increasing number of young adults identify as nonheterosexual and noncisgender, according to a new global survey from Ipsos.
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John Doe friendica
A world of homosexuals who never reproduce. The globalists are smiling.
It's long time gone when I read, and unfortunately I can't reproduce in which context, that if societies would be free and everybody could freely decide how to live 20% of the people would live somehow homosexual.
And I think there is no reason to collapse over that information: there'll be still enough man and woman to reproduce 😀. Wo could make laws to force those homosexuals to reproduce 😀)).
John Doe friendica
@Yngwio Barnable Good excuse for degeneracy. We can always open the border for third world Islamic immigrants to compensate for our low birth rates after all, at least they reproduce. By the way, do you feel free right now?
John, no - not all. I live in Germany. What do you think how I can feel free here in this country where fascism never died.

And let me honest: homosexuality is no sign for degeneracy. Sexual permission is no sign for degeneracy. Abuse of power is a sign for degeneracy. And many more. Hybris, social distinction, discrimination are signs for degeneracy.

What I do with my dick is of no interest for anybody but me and my sex partner.
John Doe friendica
@Yngwio Barnable In the Western world homosexuality is taught in school since early age and children are indoctrinated to believe it's natural and normal. Here in satanic Canada they put parents in jail for addressing to their children by their real pronouns and denying them hormone treatments and genital mutilation that will permanently damage their ability to reproduce. Germany is a fucked up country because it's packed with Islamic migrants who would behead people over satirical cartoons and dumb leftists who are seeing fascists everywhere. I find it fascinating how the social justice warriors are taking every chance to trash Christianity because it's incompatible with their degenerate ideology but they suddenly become tolerant when it comes to Muslims. Because Muslims are minority in the West (for now) and criticizing Islam is "islamophobic".
John Doe friendica
@Yngwio Barnable Have you considered moving to a another country where fascism and discrimination don't exist? Maybe Turkey, Middle East or somewhere in Africa. I heard Africans are very tolerant towards homosexuals.
John, I regret to have spoken with you.
John Doe friendica
@Yngwio Barnable Germany has a left-wing problem, Mr. Antifa!

Vee McMillen diaspora
I think at a young age, many go with what is 'popular'.

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