Nanook friendica
96% of all scientific findings agree with their sponsors.
Joseph Hogan reshared this.
Do you have a study for that?
Nanook friendica
I could have if I sponsored one.
spacedream diaspora
@Robert Dinse, its depends on place, in usa i'm sure this number very close to 100%...
Nanook friendica
Probably true. I'm old enough to remember when mainstream media told us smoking was good for us.
Scot Henderson diaspora
Science is not about agreeing with something, it's about the data or results can be tested and repeated. Sponsors decide what to study, not what the results are. They may choose not to post results they don't like, but science is about repeating and getting the same results.
Nanook doesn't like this.
Joseph Hogan friendica
@Scot Henderson
They may choose not to post results they don't like, but science is about repeating and getting the same results.
This is so true, and unfortunate. When a drug or other product is shown to have negative effects, these should be known by the public not buried.

If the cell phone industry have know for years, for example, that the tiny amounts of microwave exposure was deadly/cancer causing in long term exposure, would this be good to know?

But, would likely be buried...
Nanook friendica
I wish what you would assert were true but it simply isn't. Anytime a study doesn't support the agenda of the sponsor, it gets it's funding withdrawn and the study buried.
Scot Henderson diaspora
It would be nice if there were laws about this. Something simple like, all studies need to be published. So studies like Exons about climate change or Bayers study that showed that they were killing the bees.
Seems like it would be a simple law, but I doubt it would pass.
Joseph Hogan friendica
@Scot Henderson Too much industry push back and whining... Would never happen, unless we get a government with the guts to pass real bills... Not bills to help themselves and their friends...
Scot Henderson diaspora
Some do get through. There was a study about deet that compared several bug sprays. It concluded that Bite Blocker was by far the best and longest lasting. So for some reason, maybe that BiteBlocker was all natural ingredients, but secret, it didn't get market share, so they published.
There are many examples, that is just one.

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