#WOAH! Look at those threats over on #Pluspora:

#Pluspora #staff threatens to put #Diaspora user on #blacklist over not #blocking me.

Joseph Teller from the #Pluspora staff threatens users with being blacklisted, over not submitting to demands to block people as ordered. How many have been coerced into silence and censorship already?
"Be excellent to each other! ♥" my ass, what is wrong with these People?!
#Diaspora #Federation #Fediverse #Question #Answer #Problem #Help #Threats #Threat #Threatening #Users #No-Excellence-on-Pluspora #Pod #Podmin
Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg reshared this.
John Doe friendica
Pluspora mob is so pathetic.
6 months ago (Received 28 minutes ago)
federation is slow sometimes . . not sure if it is related.

except for the good Dr., pluspora could be an isolated instance, and not otherwise connected to other pods. imnsho.
Alexander friendica
@BR 549 ☎ It is Friendica to blame most likely 😀

Probably your node didn't know about this post (no connections to any participants or network was down at the time) so you didn't get it. Or maybe your node cleans up old posts.

Now the post got updated so your node noticed it and re-fetched it for you 😀
John Doe friendica
@BR 549 ☎ Lol, I've just noticed that.
Funny how that guy doesn't see how he's totally being a nazi himself..

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