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Biden Seeks a $2.5 Trillion Tax Hike on American Businesses

The Biden administration released details of its plan to dramatically increase taxes on American businesses on Wednesday, reversing many of the key provisions of the 2017 Trump administration tax overhaul and replacing some tax breaks with direct government spending.
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That ought to drive whatever jobs we had back to China in a heartbeat.
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@Robert Dinse This administration is only benefiting America's enemies, like China and Iran. Probably Russia too but China is the big threat.
@John Doe Well China paid Hunter a billion and Joe got 110 million of that, so there ya go.
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@Robert Dinse I never thought I will see such corruption in Western countries. Now they don't even bother anymore to pretend they're not corrupted.
@John Doe Yep welcome to the banana republic of the USA.

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