God doesn't hate, that's Satan's job, but then I am pretty sure the entire left wing worships Satan and his child sacrifices.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse Yes, I saw another article saying the prayer is to Satan, not to God. The book is being sold in Target stores. We don't have Target in Canada anymore, they left a few years ago.
@John Doe Amazing world we live in, Cat in the Hat is a problem, but Satan worshiping, hate promoting, all good.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse Maybe that's the evidence that Satan is real. I'm not a good Christian but this whole situation definitely strengthens my fate in God.
@John Doe The most devious thing Satan did was convince many that he didn't exist.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse You're right. So people believe they can do whatever they want.

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