Why does the left get a pass on tearing down statues they don't like?

A statue of Egerton Ryerson that stands on the campus of the university that bears his name in Toronto, Ont. was toppled and decapitated earlier this week. "If every political group in the country started acting like this, how do you think things would turn out?" asks commentator Spencer Fernando.
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Provinto diaspora
hmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with the corpses of the children that were found a boarding house recently and his involvement in starting that program.... 🤔 Perhaps we should hear what the President of the University has to say about it...
P.S. Why did you tag this with #communism?😆
@Provinto Because that's what communists do. They tear down statues, burn/deplatform books and suppress the freedom of speech and press in order to erase history. I'm from one of those places.
Provinto diaspora
I know because I come from one of those Communist countries...
You came from a classless, stateless, and moneyless society?
@Provinto I'm from Eastern Europe and I know more about Comunism than most Westerners think they know.
Provinto diaspora
@John Doe You only replied to my post script which I tink is a little funny.
But since you're so emphatic that you posted the same messages twice, I'll respond to the other bit as well.
They tear down statues
Were the Iraqis who tore down the statues of Saddam Hussein also communists? What other statues could you possibly be talking about? Perhaps the statues of war criminals, slavers, and other despicable figures? Perhaps the cheap statues of Confederate figures that put up in the 1950s and 1960s in response to the Civil Rights movement?
burn books
Perhaps you're thinking of fascists...
suppress the freedom of speech and press
If you're speaking of the Eastern Bloc, the state capitalist and red-bourgeois parties certainly suppressed freedom of the press. Communists criticized them for it. Communists were repressed and expelled for it. The left actually does want freedom of speech -- often much more than liberals. It's so absurd that
If you're talking about today in North America then you're complaining about capitalism (again).
in order to erase history.
You think that people are taking down Columbus statues because they want to erase history? They're tearing them down because they've learned their history! Nearly all the communists I know are very well-versed in their country's history. I studied US labor history in college. Communists are enthusiastic about people learning history, especially in its fullness.
I came from a communist country🤪
No you didn't. The country you came from was what's called State Capitalist. To help you distinguish, a communist society (a society in a communist mode of production) is:
A mode of production in which the means of production are held in common (belonging to all/none), production and consumption have a direct relationship which is no longer mediated by money/value (the end of commodity production), and society at large takes part in negotiating production. It may be either in its collectivist phase, its ‘fully communist’ phase, or something that our current mode of production prevents us from conceiving.
There's an an old book called Fundamental Principles by Group of International Communists (check out the EPUB!) that might clear things up for you. To see a critique of the USSR from a communist perspective, see What Was the USSR by the Aufheben Collective (check out the EPUB!). Honest communists are especially unhappy with the state capitalist catastrophes of the 20th century. To provide you with another book about what communism actually is, check out Anton Pannekoek's Workers' Councils.
I'll close with a quotation from Bini Adamczak's Yesterday's Tomorrow:
@Provinto You're a commie Pluspora bot, like all Pluspora commies.

@Provinto I didn't post the same messages twice. This Friendica node was acting weird today and my first comments didn't appear.
@Provinto Who's cancelling Dr. Seus and other books that hurts their sensitive feelings? The commie leftists, not the "fascists".

Provinto diaspora
I'll wait another few minutes in case you want to make a few more one-sentence replies.
Please try and give your response some honest thought, though, and condense it into one comment (it's kind of embarrassing👀).
@Provinto Go fuck yourself Pluspora wokester!

This is what commies get!

Provinto diaspora
@John Doe
Go fuck yourself Pluspora wokester!
I have been engaging with you in good faith, providing you with an actual argument, and this is what you're reduced to? Seriously? The right-wing constantly talks about how the left can't take debate but once it's exposed to an argument with substance it flakes away into "fuck you go away😭." How can you expect anyone to take you seriously?
The stupid as fuck infographics you're posting have nothing to do with anything that I've brought up.
No one is "cancelling" Dr Seuss. The publishing company many a financial decision to put books that weren't selling out of print. ONCE AGAIN you cite a problem that originates in capitalism and blame it somehow on communists.
You’re a commie Pluspora bot, like all Pluspora commies.
If I'm a bot, consider this: You just lost an argument to a bot.
Provinto diaspora
This sad bitch @John Doe has to photoshop his heroes into rape scenes. Can you get any more pathetic?
@Provinto Eat a bag of dicks, Pluspora commie!

Provinto diaspora
Sad bitch can't even make an argument
@Provinto Do you think I'm gonna read your long ass virtue signalling about good Communism? Fuck that!

@Provinto Get a job lazy commie, my money is not your money!
Provinto diaspora
Sad bitch can't even read. Makes sense why he thinks there's money in communism.
@Provinto There is money in the Communism. The problem is Communism creates shortages and there is nothing to buy with the money.
Provinto diaspora
Imagine thinking that writing a real response is somehow virtue signalling
Provinto diaspora
@John Doe please explain what you think virtue signalling is
Provinto diaspora
There is money in the Communism.
So you know nothing about what communism is. Read my fucking post you lazy moron.
the Communism.
@Provinto I wad born in Communism you dumb fuck. Your version of Communist utopia doesn't exist in reality and it never existed.
Provinto diaspora
@John Doe was not born in a communist society. The fact that he thinks he was reveals that he's a dumbfuck.
If anyone is interesting in learning what communism is and has scrolled down this far in the comments, refer to my second comment (the "long ass virtue signaling" one)
@Provinto Yeah, learn from a Western leftists what Communism is who never lived a day in his life in Communism. You Western wokesters are hilarious.
@Provinto I bet you're one of the crazies who thinks he's on the right side of history fighting fascists and Nazis lol.
Provinto diaspora
How could I have lived a day in communism when it had nowhere yet existed?
Provinto diaspora
@John Doe please just read my comment you lazy son of a bitch
Provinto diaspora
I bet you’re one of the crazies who thinks he’s on the right side of history fighting fascists and Nazis
You writing this implies that maybe you don't think fascists are on the wrong side of history...
@Provinto The only fascists I know these days are calling themselves "antifascists".

@Provinto Let's try Communism again because when it tried in in the past it was always a bad idea, but it wasn't real Communism lol.
Provinto diaspora
I'm not saying "it wasn't real communism"
I'm saying it wasn't communism. I graduated high school. I don't need to needlessly augment my words.
Sad bitch still can't read 😩
@Provinto You Pluspora people are all mentally sick. You all need a slap on the face to wake up to reality.
Provinto diaspora
who never lived a day in his life in Communism
You know, right-wing lunatics' politics can be easily explained when you consider how much they privilege emotion and anecdote to document, evidence, and reason.
You Pluspora people are all mentally sick.
Sad bitch makes claims and can't back them up. Given how you've behaved in this comment thread, I think it's clear who comes off as mentally disturbed. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that. Everyone deserves access to the care they need.
You all need a slap on the face
Sad bitch still can't read. Sad bitch can only suggest the most feeble of violences.
Provinto diaspora
Sad bitch can’t read. Sad bitch can only post dumbass memes. Let's all take a moment to pity this sad bitch.

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