It should be noted that with 7 million injections there were six blood clotting incidents, one of which resulted in death, and one incident of very high fever (103.5), verses Moderna and Pfiezer which between the two there have been 2,200 deaths and 175,000 severe injuries. The risk-benefit ratio still favors J&J by a wide margin over the other two.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse I saw people saying they believe the J&J blood clots are being overblown because it is not mRNA injection, and therefore a direct threat to the WEF/Bill Gates agenda. I think that's a possibility.
@John Doe The Astra-Zenica vaccine also suffered from this and it's been chased down to a rare formation of antibodies to an antigen present in red blood cells. Probably some contamination in the vaccine which has been an issue with J&J. Still a 1-in-1 million chance of adverse reaction is a LOT better than a 1-in-45000 of the mRNA vaccines.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse If I ever take the vaccine it's not gonna be the mRNA crap. I'd rather trust the Russian Sputnik. They have them in Hungary and Czech Republic, maybe some other Eastern European countries.
@John Doe The Russian Sputnik-5 not available here yet, Johnson and Johnson is expected in May and I am planning on taking it when available if nothing worse comes up in the meanwhile with it. I will not take the mRNA vaccines, I already have diabetic neuropathy and severe allergies and the mRNA has caused both severe allergic reactions (resulting in death even with medical intervention) and neurological damage that is often severe.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse I haven't been sick in more than two years, and now they want to force an experimental vaccine on me. Last time I was sick it was just the flu. I never took a flu shot because I never found it to be life threatening. My girlfriend was taking it every year and she still gets the flu.
@John Doe I went more than a decade without getting the flu but then got it in March 2020, and got a covid test to be sure it wasn't covid. Because I didn't want to go through this again this year, I got a flu shot this year, didn't feel good for a day but that's all. I don't find the flu terribly threatening but I am 62 and diabetic so for me Covid is, and even for people not at risk of dying from Covid-19, it has been shown that 1/3rd that get it are left with some permanent neurological damage, and I'd like a safe vaccine, Moderna and Pfiezer, both of which have Gates investments, clearly are not.
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John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse A research on which vaccines are not linked to Bill Gates is definitely useful.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse The Russian Sputnik will make me solid like a Lada lol.

@Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg It's funny they pass that thing off as a "Sports Car" with an inline 4, top speed 85 MPH. All coil spring suspension, that's got to be a winner for handling.
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J&J, Sputnik-V, and I think AstraZeneca are based on pseudovirion particles.

they do some molecular biology tricks, to replace the genome of a common natural virus (a non-dangerous one) with code for the Corona spike protein. the mRNA vaccines also encode the spike, but then include some other proprietary stuff from the lab.

dosage is a big issue -- the re-coded natural virus is quite reliable at injecting its genetic load into a cell and given in a tiny dose, but the mRNA depends on some ??? magic, to go from floating around in serum to inside the cell. so they use a much larger dose of mRNA.

it's interesting to see the biggest pharma giants gang up on the not-quite-so-big ones.
I drink water and take 1 000 mg of vitamin C, maybe up to 10 000 mg if I feel something coming on. It's a kind of new chapter, been doing that maybe 20 years. Also food and sleep is of course important.

About words, yes, they certainly do mean different things in different contexts. 😀 Slightly unrelated, I have a funny 'meme' somewhere, more of a screenshot of a tweet: some Russians tried Google Translate (?) on 'Out of sight, out of mind', the result came back as 'blind and crazy' (:
@Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg I can tolerate a max of 4 grams a day of vitamin C before it gives me the runs. I take 5000 units of vitamin D3 and also take Vitamin K complex so it doesn't cause calcium to deposit in arteries. 99% of people in ICU with Covid-19 are vitamin D deficient, I live just outside of Seattle that has the fewest sunny days of any major US city, I work indoors, mostly at night.
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John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse @Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg Washington is pretty rainy and cloudy. Here in the Prairies of Alberta is very dry and sunny, even when the temperature is very low. During winter the skin is sometimes cracking and bleeding on my hands if I don't use lotion.
@John Doe @Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg Even so if you (and I) are over 35 degrees in latitude (we are), we don't get significant D3 from UV except in the middle of summer even if we're outside and the weather is good.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse @Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg They say we should all take vitamin D here in Canada, but I don't take any.
John Doe friendica
@Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg It's late in Europa, you're definitely not getting an early sleep. I'm terrible at that myself.
@John Doe @Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg It is 3:44PM (15:44) here in Washington State USA.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse It's 4:54 PM here in Alberta. Only one hour ahead of you.
also take Vitamin K complex so it doesn’t cause calcium to deposit in arteries
Interesting. Is that just a general thing, or because you take the vitamin D, or do you also take kalcium supplement?

4 grams, well, that isn't much... Maybe a different type could work. Not all vitamin C is in the form of acerbic (sp?) acid. Yes, I do think vitamin D is important. I've taken supplement before, but basically just once, for a period. Not too much sun here in the winter, though, obviously.

Yes, it's late here here, 1:07 am now. It's best to sleep, and to sleep at night, although I also hear humans should go to bed early, and then wake up after about four hours..., and then be awake a couple of hours, and then take a 'second sleep' until the morning. The eight hours straight thing is apparently an 'invention' by Edison, I mean made possible only because we can at al stay up beyond sunset.
John Doe friendica
@Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg I believe vitamin D is only necessary in order to assimilate the calcium, but you can also take vitamin D by itself. If I sleep at 10 PM for 7 or 8 hours I feel much better than after late sleep.
@Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg If you take vitamin D it increases absorption of calcium, without vitamin K that will settle in your arteries where it causes hardening of the arteries, vitamin K drives that calcium into your bones where it makes for stronger healthier bones, especially in older people where their bone density naturally decreases.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse @Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg Before I immigrated to Canada I had to do the medical exam and the doctor said I have magnesium deficiency. I've noticed when I feel tired for no reason taking magnesium helps.
Canek diaspora
Most people have magnesium deficiency, magnesium is important. Sugar washes it away...
John Doe friendica
@Canek It's good to know sugar is responsible for magnesium deficiency.
@John Doe @Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg I used to wake up early in the morning with severe leg cramps, taking magnesium before I go to bed fixed that.
John Doe friendica
@Robert Dinse @Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg I used to have random cramps too but I didn't have them in a while.
They say the brain knows whether the sun is up, I think, and that humans are better off sleeping when the sun is down. Melatonin and all that.

I take mineral supplements, the label says one of the ingredients is magnesiumcitrate (?).

Thanks for explaining about the D, K an calcium. Very interesting. I would assume that you can even get D tablets that have K vitamin in them.
John Doe friendica
@Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg Yes, I think multivitamin tablets are fine. This is what I have but I never finish the tablets before they expire because I don't take them every day. I prefer to take my vitamins from fruits.

Some of us don't have that option, owing to occupation, family situation, etc.
Some of us don’t have that option
Yes, I suppose fruit is better. I've read something or other about nutrients and such being different in some way, and not as easy to use for the body, when it's not from food or even fresh food.

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