Tribulet diaspora
The global outbreak of stupidity should be our one and only concern and not the Covid19 virus.
Robin diaspora
Are you sure this isn't satire? The video could have come from the Babylon Bee the way it's done!
John Doe friendica
@Robin No. The content creator is a developer himself.
John Doe friendica
@Robin He also made a podcast about FreeBSD changing their sjw code of conduct into a sane one. He is making podcasts mocking the identity politics and cancel culture in tech industry.
Robin diaspora
Haha, very cool.
The Cambridge English dictionary defines satire as:
a way of criticizing people or ideas in a humorous way, especially in order to make a political point, or a piece of writing that uses this style
My own learning about the history of satire gave me another way of thinking of it: as the satirist holding up a mirror to the objects of the satire. Of course that depends on the satirist's understanding of those whom he is satirising being an accurate and truthful perspective. Take for example John Gay's The Beggar's Opera which portrayed accurately the social behaviour of England's ruling class at the time and in a way that showed how ridiculous and self-serving their actions were.

It seems to me that the article is an attempt at satire.
Already, they stole C++ with their C#, and xml with their msxml...

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