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Trust cannot be compromised when it comes to healthcare. At Taiba hospital, we serve with themission to ensure a patient's trust with unrelenting compassion rendered by the caregivers, alongwith the innovative medical technologies. With the unswerving practice to keep up theexceptional services, the institution has emerged as the leading multispecialty hospital in Kuwait over the years. dental hospital in Kuwait provide excellent service. With foresightful vision and experience of over four decades in the healthcare system, Dr.SanadAl Fadala established Taiba Clinic in the early 2000s as the first one-day surgery centre inKuwait. Dr.Sanad named Taiba clinic in remembrance of his late mother, Mrs.Taiba SayedYaseen Al Tabtabai, to serve patients with compassion, respect and integrity which he acquiredfrom his mother. With a well-executed plan and constant strive to overcome the challenges; theTaiba clinic became Taiba hospital in 2006 to become the first private hospital in the MubarakAl-Kabeer GovernorateProviding world-class treatments and healthcare services, today Taiba is a multispecialty hospitalexpanding in 10 floors with 113 beds and healthcare professionals who are competent (supreme)in their specialties. We are the best cardiology hospital in Kuwait . We have 24 departments which extend from Dermatology, Emergency toGeneral Surgery.Dermatology and laser department in Taiba hospital focuses on diagnosing skin, hair, nail,mucous membrane related diseases and infections. Our services include laser treatments, Botoxinjections, micro-needling, chemical peels, dermatoscopy, skin biopsy and skin surgery.We follow the Canadian Triage & Acuity Scale (CTAS) while admitting patients in theemergency department, which system prioritizes on seeing sicker patients first. Our highlyqualified caregivers in the department are keenly trained and equipped in giving proceduralsedation when required for the wellbeing of the patients. We also make sure to implement thelatest techniques in the emergency department by conducting several quality improvementstudies to ensure best patient services.The General Surgery department in the hospital has an efficient team of surgeons and staff whoare trained in the latest surgical procedures. However complicated the cases are, the caregiversare efficient with unparalleled expertise to provide evidence-based medicine. Some of ourservices in the General Surgery department are Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, appendectomy,hiatal hernia procedures, abdominal wall hernia repair, Thyroidectomy, Oncologic surgery &benign lumps excision Etc.The consistent efforts on maintaining uncompromised excellence in healthcare service have leadTaiba hospital to several national and international recognitions. We are the first hospital toaccredit with Lumbar Decompression and Fixation Program internationally, and the KneeReplacement Program in the Middle East. With our continued endeavors, we are fortunate toreceive the accreditation for Baby-friendly hospital by the Ministry of Health, UNICEF andWHO.When our proficient caregivers meet the latest technology, our patients are provided withcomprehensive assurance in their health care journey. Integrating digital technology to its healthcare service spectrum, Taiba hospital has paved the way to reach out to patients all acrossGCC.
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