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Philippine president, who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19, resumes weekly address to dismiss health rumours.

Philippines: Duterte reappears in public after ill health rumours

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Muammar Gaddafi’s cousin says son Saif Al-Islam if favorite to win Libyan presidency

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El govern espanyol es planteja fer un pagament únic de fins a 11.000 euros anuals per retardar la jubilació

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School custodian refuses to download phone app that monitors location, says it got her fired
pthenq1 mastodon (AP)
This in America is soooo illegal
The New Oil mastodon (AP)
only if she can afford a lawyer.
That's why everyone should carry oldstyle phone to show he/she is unable to install anything

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Redfield Joins Big Ass Fans, Which Promotes Controversial Covid-Killing Technology

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has joined Big Ass Fans, lending his scientific credibility to a company division that says its ion-generating technology kills the coronavirus. The company charges $9,450 for a fan with technology that academic air quality experts question.

As strategic health and safety adviser, he follows Dr. Deborah Birx, former White House coronavirus response coordinator, into the booming air purifying industry. Last month, she signed on with ActivePure, a company that also makes a pitch about virus-destroying technology, but markets some devices that run afoul of California indoor air quality rules, according to a KHN investigation.

The two bring name recognition to companies selling products that are advertised to make it safer for people to gather maskless inside schools, offices, gyms and retail stores. The companies market 99.9% kill rates of the coronavirus.

Academic indoor air quality experts who criticize certain claims about covid-killing technology say the industry-funded studies often focus on results of tests run in a space ranging in size from a shoe box to a cabinet that do not reflect the conditions in a large room. Studies backed by the industry rarely make it clear whether the touted “virus-killing” ions or molecules are doing the work, experts say, or if improvements come from a fan or filter on a device.

“There’s no other way to say it — it’s completely unproven whether these devices would work in a real-world setting,” said Timothy Bertram about devices that claim to attack molecules in midair. He is a chemistry professor who studies aerosol particles at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Redfield, who led the CDC during the Trump administration’s pandemic response, did not respond to requests for comment before publication. “Proper ventilation has a major role to play in mitigating transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory pathogens,” Redfield said in a Big Ass Fans news release. “Big Ass Fans is a leader in designing airflow systems and making places where we live, work, and play, safer.”

Academic air quality experts, though, say high-profile physician sign-ons amount to celebrity endorsements.

“I’d much rather see good data transparently released than listen to Deborah Birx talk about how good this technology is when I know she isn’t an expert on air disinfection,” said William Bahnfleth, an architectural engineering professor at Penn State who studies indoor air quality and leads the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Epidemic Task Force.

Bertram said he studied the performance of various ion- and hydroxyl-releasing devices in classrooms and found that some emitted ozone, a gas associated with the onset or worsening of asthma. Others created other new small particles. When it came to improving ventilation, none performed as well as a HEPA filter, he said, which together with a MERV-13 filter in a heating system and increased outside ventilation is the standard recommendation. Bertram did not say which specific devices he reviewed, but said that will be detailed in a forthcoming study.

Big Ass Fans is entering the coronavirus air purifying market with brand recognition based on its uncontroversial air-moving mega-fans. Its Clean Air System fans are already used in schools and by companies such as Toyota, Tiffany & Co. and Orangetheory Fitness.

Some Clean Air System fans use UVC light, widely considered an effective air cleaning technology. Other fans use bipolar ionization, a technique that the Environmental Protection Agency warns is “an emerging technology, and little research is available that evaluates it outside of lab conditions,” adding that evidence of its effectiveness is less documented than the evidence for far more established choices like air filtration.

Big Ass Fans spokesperson Alex Risen stressed in an interview that its technology is just one layer of protection against the coronavirus. The company, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, says its technology “pairs scientifically proven air purifying technologies with powerful airflow solutions. This results in a system that kills 99.99% of pathogens to keep your people protected and your business booming.”

The company charges about $500 to $1,500 more for fans with Clean Air Systems technology.

In the pandemic, federal funding to buy such devices for schools has exploded, with roughly $193 billion available so far. Congressional Democrats are pushing for $100 billion more. With community pressure to reopen classrooms, school officials have begun to invest heavily in air cleaning technology, though some experts worry risks are not being considered.

The EPA has warned about bipolar ionization’s ability to generate ozone and other potentially harmful byproducts indoors. A study by top indoor air quality experts in the Building and Environment journal found that another company’s bipolar ionization technology created other byproducts, including toluene, which can have developmental effects after long-term inhalation exposure.

Risen, the Big Ass Fans spokesperson, stressed that its ionization technology does not emit ozone or other byproducts and is not “putting bad things into your lungs.” He said the products do not emit hydrogen peroxide. ActivePure, the air cleaning company Birx has signed on with, makes air cleaners that emit gaseous hydrogen peroxide, which it claims can seek out and destroy viruses, mold and bacteria, according to the KHN investigation.

“We know that we’re not producing any negative products,” Risen said. “We know that at the concentrations that you’re at, you’re not getting negative effects.”

Joe Urso, ActivePure Technologies CEO, said the “FDA has cleared a number of devices that emit hydrogen peroxide into the ambient air at a safe level for people to breathe, including our ActivePure Medical Guardian.”

Bahnfleth said Big Ass Fans had made more of a good faith effort with its studies than others in the market. But he added that, without measuring potential gaseous byproducts, the research was not complete.

“They still do nothing to address potential adverse impacts of chemical byproduct exposure,” said Brent Stephens, an indoor air quality expert who reviewed Big Ass Fans Clean Air Systems’ reports and leads the civil, architectural and environmental engineering department at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Stephens added that the controlled testing spaces — without people or furniture or other products that would be in a classroom or office — did not reflect real-world circumstances. And he worried about the “really high” ion counts, saying he would not recommend them for occupied spaces.

Bahnfleth echoed Stephens’ concerns, pointing to a study that showed adverse health effects such as increased oxidative stress levels — which are linked to cancer and other neurological diseases — for those exposed to a high number of negative ions. Experts said more research is needed, as bipolar ionization, like that used by Big Ass Fans, produces both positive and negative ions.

Risen defended the safety of ions in an interview, noting they occur naturally.

It’s hard to tell if the fan moving the air or the bipolar ionization is having an impact on the virus in the studies provided by Big Ass Fans, said Delphine Farmer, a Colorado State University associate professor who specializes in atmospheric and indoor chemistry. Also, she said, without real-world testing, it’s unclear what sort of reaction this product could have when exposed to classroom fumes from paint, glue or markers.

“Anything that actually destroys a virus is potentially doing other chemistry as well,” she said.

Another Clean Air System study claimed a 99.999% reduction of the virus that causes covid from the air.

“When they give you 99.999%, that’s a red flag to any scientist. We don’t know anything to that degree,” Bertram said. “That’s just nuts.”

KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues. Together with Policy Analysis and Polling, KHN is one of the three major operating programs at KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation). KFF is an endowed nonprofit organization providing information on health issues to the nation.


This story can be republished for free (details).

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Was National Guard Deployed in Minneapolis After Police Shooting of Daunte Wright?

Already, hundreds of officers were standing guard in the city due to the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former cop charged in George Floyd's death.

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Israel ‘will not allow Iran to possess a nuclear weapon’: Netanyahu

timorl mastodon (AP)
My current phone is literally falling apart, so I need a new one. I m pretty confident I want a #pinephone at some point in my life, but I'm not sure it is ready to be used as a main & only phone.

I bet there are people in the Fediverse who can help me with information! I want to know how much hassle, on a scale from Ubuntu to LFS and beyond, it is to setup the following functionlities:

1. Phone calls, making and receiving (has to be reliable).
2. SMS, sending and receiving (has to be reliable).
3. A #matrix client, with graphics (I have a weechat session on my server, but looking at pictures using only it would be a pain).
4. A (the?) #signal client.
5. Some #openstreetmap -based navigation (OSMAnd?).
6. And, of course, a #fediverse client (currently using Fediab).

Any other suggestions, information, and criticisms about the #pinephone are very welcome.

Boosts obviously appreciated.
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IMHO Mobian is the most reliable distro at the moment, but saying it is reliable is stretching it. It isnt totally unreliable though 😁

I will start testing it as a daily driver once I see that there is a navigation app that "just works", the closest I have seen is uNav for UBports but nothing for Mobian or Manjaro that works yet.

Matrix have clients and I am running Friendica as a web app through the default browser - works good enough for me. I dont think there is a Signal client that works yet.
Bjössi friendica (via ActivityPub)
On Manjaro Elements works fine. I just made a quick search in the app store on Mobian and I found these. I have not tested them, but someone put them in the list. (I did not find Fractal, but I think it is a default app on Manjaro.)

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I wonder if no one follows me because I put in my bio thing that this is an 81+ account
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I don't follow brands on social media out of principle.

Government lock downs are being used to usher in segregation and discrimination via Vaccine Passports
#vaccinepassport #lockdown #discrimination #plandemic

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Pelosi Defends Biden Infrastructure Plan: 'The Most Expensive Maintenance Is No Maintenance'

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) defended Biden's $2 billion American Jobs Plan, concluding the "most expensive maintenance is no maintenance.
#AmericanJobsPlan #infrastructure #JoeBiden #NancyPelosi

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Egyptian FM comments on question about Syria’s return to the Arab League

Wer nicht fragt, stirbt dumm! | Ihr Freund und Helfer

Todkomisches Schulfernsehen für Erwachsene oder auch schräge Wissenschaft für Oberschlaue. Die Serie beruht auf dem beliebten französischen Blog "Tu mourras moins bête" von Marion Montaigne.

arteteco mastodon (AP)
Maybe I'm just getting old, but I find it disturbing when "boomer" is used as in insult or as a mockery. Is it so in your language too?

I don't think I've ever seen someone go against this kind of discriminatory language though so maybe it's just that I hang out with the wrong people =D
I dont get offended by it so much as I immediately know its a person who isnt likely to add much value to most conversations.
arteteco mastodon (AP)
well, I don't get offended neither, also because I'm not a boomer, but I think if I'd so often be called "old!" because I fail to do something or because of a way I speak or act, that would make me feel quite bad
arteteco mastodon (AP)
well, I don't get offended neither, also because I'm not a boomer, but if I was called "old!" just because I fail to do something or because of a way I speak or act, that would make me feel quite bad
Fair, though people with little value often say things that might be hurtful just to get attention since people rarely want to pay them attention due to their lack of value in the first place.

Its like the conspiracy theorists, the more you ignore them because what they say is in no way productive or helpful the louder and more offensive they get in the hopes someone will finally engage with them.

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Die Verteidigungsministerin wollte nach den Skandalen beim KSK hart durchzugreifen. Die Elitetruppe bleibt aber in den Schlagzeilen. Und die Ministerin muss sich verteidigen.

AKK: Wusste erst später von Munitionsaffäre

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Judge Peter Cahill refuses defence request the morning after the death of Daunte Wright causes renewed unrest in the US.

Chauvin judge refuses jury sequester as Minneapolis faces unrest

Shoreline, WA, USA

Shoreline, WA, USA

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Demanen 16,5 anys de presó a un lladre multireincident per 7 robatoris en 12 hores a Ponent el febrer de 2020. L'acusat es va escapar d'un vehicle policial mentre era traslladat pels Mossos després de ser detingut #EnTempsRealEPA

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"Auf diese Szene habe ich lange Zeit gewartet. Das Meisterwerk Scheich-Zayid-Moschee schwimmt in einem Nebelsee, auf dem ihr Schatten reflektiert wird.", freut sich der Fotograf Khalid Al Hammadi. #PictureOfTheDay #BildDesTages

📸: Khalid Al Hammadi


Anything can be an insult | K-Von

Women can make anything an insult, especially a compliment. In the full Dry Bar Comedy special from K-Von, K-von breaks down just how many skills women have that men don't have, and how they can get away with things men could never dream of. Whether you're a fan of aging gracefully, skinny jeans or big muscles this full Dry Bar Comedy special form K-von is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.

Well, that was rather innocent and funny. A brave comedian who flirts with the edge of the PC culture.

#Comedy #StandUp #K-Von #Humor

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The Griswold's home in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is the same home from American Beauty

Original tweet :

#Art. (7 photos)
6 Ai Weiwei Artworks That Bravely Call Attention to Social Issues in China

(Re)Trouver, par hasard, dans une #BoîteÀLivres, l'un des ouvrages qui m'a le plus marquée durant mes années collège, en (re)commencer la lecture et être toujours aussi émue plus de trente ans plus tard ...
Le #temps n'aurait-il pas de prise sur les #émotions ? #Littérature #LectureJeunesse #HowardButen

"Un #roman d'amour. Raconté par un garçon de huit ans, qui dérange et bouleverse ... Gil, victime de la bêtise des adultes qui transforment ses #rêves en symptômes cliniques, et son #amour en attentat ..."

" Howard Buten [...] parcourt les États-Unis en tant que mime, chanteur, ventriloque, clown musical, et s'occupe en même temps d'enfants autistiques pour lesquels il a inventé une méthode thérapeutique. "

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Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be on Linux as well: #linux #linuxgaming #metroexodus #native

Der amerikanische Traum | Die Europäer in der Neuen Welt

Ausgangspunkt dieser filmischen Geschichte der Besiedlung der amerikanischen Ostküste durch die europäischen Pioniere ist Florida, wo sich die Spanier nach der Entdeckung durch Kolumbus niedergelassen hatten.

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In Brasilien kennt jedes Kind die mythischen Protagonisten aus der Netflix-Serie "Unsichtbare Stadt". Sie verknüpft Krimi und Folklore - und boomt weltweit.
#UnsichtbareStadt #Netflix #Streaming #Streamingdienste #Brasilien #Serie #Mystery #BrasilianischeFolklore

"Unsichtbare Stadt": Brasiliens Mythen bei Netflix | DW | 12.04.2021

Shoreline, WA, USA
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