Fed Govt Running Interference for Transterrorism

Tucker is on point:

It seems, for example, like an awful lot of mass shooters have taken prescription psychiatric drugs in the days before they opened fire and killed others. Have you noticed that? Maybe you have noticed that. Good luck saying it in public. You'll be shouted down immediately by someone with an advanced degree.

How dare you criticize Big Pharma? What are you, a conspiracy nut? No, actually, you're not. You're someone who cares about cause and effect. You're a rational person. The only conspiracy here is the one designed to prevent you from figuring out why mass shootings keep happening.

We are, of course, never allowed to even think that in that direction.

Consider the killings that took place on Monday in Nashville. The killer was a 28-year-old female transgenderist who shot her way into a Christian elementary school and murdered three nine-year-olds and three adults. Why did she do that? In a rational country, that is the very first question we would ask. In our country, it's the last question. In fact, often it's never asked at all. On those rare occasions when somebody finally manages to wonder out loud about motive, our leaders immediately start lying, which should tell you a lot. Here's the attorney general of the United States yesterday.

So, here's what we just learned from Merrick Garland. The FBI, the ATF and the Nashville police are all investigating these shootings. Yet more than 24 hours after they took place, none of those professional investigators can even guess as to why the shootings happened. Motive hasn't been identified, Garland told us. Really? You wonder how that could possibly be.

Just before she opened fire, the Nashville shooter wrote these words to her best friend over Instagram: "One day this will make more sense. I've left behind more than enough evidence."

That evidence includes a written manifesto where the killer spells out exactly why she killed children. The FBI, the ATF, the national police, and for that matter, Merrick Garland, all have access to that manifesto. And yet, somehow the attorney general informs us that a motive has not yet been identified.

Well, he's lying. They all are lying. We can't see the manifesto because the transgender lobby, which has far more power than you do, has pressured politicians to keep it hidden, but we can be certain what it says. Monday's victims were murdered because they were Christians. It's that simple.

They're literally running interference for a mass murderer - they are trying to safeguard their biases.

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