I have switched from Brave to LibreWolf as my prime browser...

I was kind of sick of there being an adblocker that then subsequently gave me all of these crypto add popups and such.

More importantly, though, was that Brave search itself was providing terrible results and they tended to align with what the leftists culture wars wanted. For instance, they persistently put the link to the ADL when you searched for E. Michael Jones.

However, DuckDuckGo, while even stating that they were a bit aligned with the Ukrainians apparently (?), does not even do this.

So, seeing the trajectory of the company and being annoyed by the ads, I have switched over to LibreWolf.

Of course, I do compartmentalize. So, I use Google Chrome and even Edge for a few sites because they are clean, uninteresting places to visit and I like to have those windows available to me at work with a simple click.

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