FBI Committing Fraud to Prosecute Proud Boys

Absolutely remarkable:

On February 12, 2023, TGP’s Cara Castronuova first reported on the mistress and government plant infiltrated the Proud Boys. And it was the government who AUTHORED and INSERTED the mysterious “1776 Returns” document into the Proud Boys com channel.

The mysterious document was sent unsolicited to Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio’s Telegram right before January 6th by a “love interest” named Erika Flores.

It has been revealed that Flores reportedly testified to the January 6th Committee that A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL was the author of the entirety of the “1776 Returns” and that this FBI and CIA member or associate asked her to share it with Tarrio!

Tarrio has been charged with Seditious Conspiracy and currently stands trial in D.C. along with four fellow members of the Proud Boys.

According to the Motion by attorney Roger Roots:

“It appears that the government itself is the author of the most incriminating and damning document in this case, which was mysteriously sent at government request to Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio immediately prior to January 6 in order to frame or implicate Tarrio in a government- created scheme to storm buildings around the Capitol. As such, Exhibit 528-1 and the government’s efforts to frame or smear defendants with it, constitutes outrageous government conduct. This is either entrapment or outrageous government conduct, or both. Equally improper, it is a Brady violation because the Department of Justice must surely have known these revelations before putting Special Agent Dubrowski on the stand on February 9 to introduce this evidence.”

You can’t make this stuff up!

There is NO EVIDENCE that Tarrio ever looked at the document. There is NO EVIDENCE that the Proud Boys studied the document.

The FBI is conducting itself in an absolutely fraudulent manner.

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