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Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s newly elected Prime Minister, refused to define the term "woman," arguing that "people define themselves" when pressed by a reporter.

During a press conference Sunday, New Zealand media company The Platform asked Hipkins how he, and the New Zealand government, define what a woman is.

"To be honest, that question has come out of left field for me. The biology, sex, gender," he said before taking a long pause. "People define themselves, people define their own genders."

When asked about the term again, Hipkins diverted the question and said that "people identity for themselves."
"I wasn’t expecting that question, so it wasn’t something I pre-formulated an answer on. But in terms of gender identify, people identity for themselves," he said.

Oh, geez, bro didn't know this trick question was coming and was caught with his pants down..!

Can't expect a man to navigate a minefield like defining womanhood..!

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