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On this server the following remote servers are blocked.

Blocked domain Reason for the block fuckers flooding server
* Denial of Service Attack
*.lgbt Gay pride month isn't year long. Denial of Service Attack Spam, Spam, and more Spam. The degree to which racism, spamming, and other obnoxiousnous is tolerated at is not acceptable. too much talk of cutting dicks off and pedophilia Appropriately Named and I've had enough. No positive contributions just shit posts. bans everyone who isn't libtard, faggot, or trans. nazi fascist fuckers Too many pedophile groomers to deal with individually.
* Denial of Service Attack Denial of Service Attack Promoting gender dysphoria / anal sex / Trying to convert straights to faggots. Encouraging blocking other servers for their ideals. WEF Left Wing Communist Shills Advocating blocking all Plemora instances because they don't agree with their Nazi policies German WEF Nazi Site. Seems to be nothing but WEF commies here so fuck this site. WEF Communist Propaganda Site Klaus Schwab / WEF Rockefucker Propaganda Suggests admins defederate their sites so I'm defederating his. Spambots Wiki only permits radical leftist view, now spamming the fediverse, Bye Bye Vivaldi cheats creaters out of their revenue, substituting their own advertisements. This is dishonest at it's core. Must be run by DemonRats. Third WEF shill I've killed today, this server isn't properly administered. Mirrors Twitter accounts on Fediverse. Last thing we need is libtard central taking over Fediverse. Would be better named gender dysphoria club. Go away. Admin of Site Spams. DemonRatic DeepState Front Just the name alone is Nazi'ish. Knowingly allows spambots Trying to start race war, this person is too stupid to own their own server so must be deep state. Anagram for Hate Niggers and nothing but stupid comes from this server.
mstdn Hopelessly polluted and perhaps controlled by WEF pro-Truedope "we penetrate the cabinet" shills. Hopelessly polluted and perhaps controlled by WEF pro-Truedope "we penetrate the cabinet" shills.

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