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On this server the following remote servers are blocked.

Blocked domain Reason for the block nazi fascist fuckers Promoting gender dysphoria / anal sex / Trying to convert straights to faggots. German WEF Nazi Site. Seems to be nothing but WEF commies here so fuck this site. WEF Communist Propaganda Site Klaus Schwab / WEF Rockefucker Propaganda Third WEF shill I've killed today, this server isn't properly administered. Would be better named gender dysphoria club. Go away. Anagram for Hate Niggers and nothing but stupid comes from this server. Keeps spamming with sex pics not tagged NSFW various users. Spamming the holy fuck out of the fediverse.
* Denial of Service Attack Sex spam bots in great abundance no server admin contact info. Sex spam bots in great abundance. Domain is for sale, sex spam bots originate and local admin makes no effort to stop them if there even is a local admin. Commercial spamming never stops, presumably the Admin doesn't give a shit or is even selling this spamming service. Constant like 20 spams a day for Lemmy No legitimate medical info just WEF Shills pushing Covid BS and Global warming BS. Pedophilia site. Pedophilia site. Promoting Pedophilia, Gender Dysphoria, Butt-sex, and Communism Tired of having to ban pedophilia posters. If Admin won't mind his server then it's gone from here. Racism, Nationalism, Pro-pedo, heterophobic, pro-communist, in short too much shit. I've blocked about 20 people in the last week from this server doing their best to start racial riots. I've had enough. Loli refers to Lolita - Pedophile Site pedophilia and promoting violence Don't want bots, sentient beings only. Incestuous Depictions

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