This is Friendica, version 2021.12-dev that is running at the web location The database version is 1434/1434, the post update version is 1427/1427.

Please visit to learn more about the Friendica project.

Bug reports and issues: please visit the bugtracker at github

Suggestions, praise, etc. - please email "info" at "friendi - dot - ca

Installed addons/apps:

blockem, buglink, cookienotice, diaspora, discourse, dwpost, forumdirectory, group_text, highlightjs, ifttt, impressum, infiniteimprobabilitydrive, langfilter, ljpost, markdown, morepokes, notifyall, pageheader, phpmailer, pumpio, qcomment, rendertime, smiley_pack, smileybutton, smilies_adult, startpage, statusnet, unicode_smilies, viewsrc, webrtc, windowsphonepush

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On this server the following remote servers are blocked.

Blocked domain Reason for the block Known Troll Site UN Bots "Fact Checking Node" BLM Transvestite Global Warming Klaus Schwab Shills


Site Owner: Robert Dinse
Email Address: nanook(at)eskimo(dot)com

Postal Address
Eskimo North
P.O. Box 55816
Shoreline, WA 98155

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