Hello everyone, nice to be on a social site that accepts positive comments about Trump!

I'm new to friendica, this is my first post! I've only ever used facebook. The problem with it, you shouldn't use it period if you believe anything or voted for Trump because the owner is anti religion and pro Biden. You are making him very wealthy by using his site. So wealthy because of the virtual monopoly facebook enjoys that it's terribly inappropriate to use facebook in the quest to restore free speech in America. To this end, I want to find enough social media owned and operated by pro religion people that all the religious people on facebook can leave facebook. The next trick is getting them all off. It needs to happen yesterday, I am guilty of having been on there so long myself. Of greatest concern, live streamed religious ceremonies need to get off of facebook period. No matter what you believe, I beg of you to reach out to all people of faith that are on facebook to help them leave. The sooner, the better. We should be able to cut facebook's subscribership by at least 50% and cut his revenues significantly too. I encourage Robert who runs and everyone I can reach who does or can run an appropriately pro religion social media site to get to know each other and support each other. Ideally, any large pro religion social media site is in a red state and there are sites all over the country to accommodate everyone who believes anything coming off of Facebook and Youtube.
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