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Biden and Meat Production

Biden plans on cutting beef production 90% and overall meat production 50%, all in the name of the Paris Climate accords, well my take is fuck the Paris Climate accords because I know they are mostly based upon bad science, the science showing the global temperatures are going up 2+C are all based on "adjusted" numbers, anything using raw data shows closer to .1C which is nothing. But what has me most concerned about this, beyond the fact that I personally am not all that fond of vegetables, is the fact that my cats are obligate carnivores, they MUST eat meat. What is to happen to them?
Shoreline, WA, USA
Vee McMillen diaspora
Making all decision based on their narrative, lies.
Nanook friendica
@Vee McMillen I think they are using lies to justify their decision but I think they make them based upon money and power. Creating artificial scarcity drives profit margins up.
@Robert Dinse I tend to wonder if they looked over some of the old peak oil discussions, and decided they need to cull the other herd...
we had a record-setting ice storm in Texas a couple months ago. it's a data point, it's weather, but I expect it will lower the average for this year.

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