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The New York Times & The Rest Of The Western Media Have Always Been The Orwellian Ministry Of Truth.

The New York Times & The Rest Of The Western Media Have Always Been The Orwellian Ministry Of Truth.

Welcome from your decades of slumber, if you're just starting to notice this. It's been like this for decades and until the dawning of so called, conservative talk radio, it was a hidden subject, a truth that only few men knew. Now, thankfully, many more of our brethren, are catching up quickly. Their eyes are open. I remember getting into fights and arguments in public when I would refuse getting copies of the New York Times for free. I would remind people, who would ask why, that if I wanted a dose of communist propaganda, I could always tune in to Radio Havana Cuba. I love radios, so ever since I could be trusted in caring for them, my grandfather and dad would help me repair and collect multi band radios and I've had a love of languages, culture, electronics and physics, ever since.

However, I digress, I do that often, I'm sure. Let's hear witnesses who've reached the same conclusion as many of us. Perhaps someday, some of you will venture, to tell your tales as well. Although that's going to be hard to do on Mastodon with it's fake phony text and word limitations. I've always wondered what types of suckers tend to stay with Mastodon, after they have found out the other wonderful fediverse software that abounds. For instance, Mastodon gives its users, I think, 500 characters per message or toot, while providing 1,500 characters to describe any images that one may have posted. It seems to me that order should be reversed. Anyway I prefer Hubzilla and Soapbox, since neither of these platforms seem to limit the amount of characters or words. Which means they can be defacto blogs in a manner.

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Another platform that doesn't limit post size, sometimes to excess as a few Chinese have posted entire novels in one post, is Friendica, see for an example.

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