Leave it to the far flung corners of the empire to talk the hardest smack.
Nanook friendica
It's the US roll to do regime change around the world, You need a competent CIA for that. No seriously, this is not something the USA or Canada should be doing, people's government needs to be responsive to their citizenry not some external actor.
I woudl also go so far as to say that US foreign policy from the latter decades of the Cold War onwards was so destructive around the world that, to be honest, to be proper, we have to be tolerant of the tyrants that have risen up in the vacuum of the geopolitical chaos that we created.

We need to be isolationist in part to correct the wrongs of what we've done.
Nanook friendica
I'm neither a big believer in isolationism nor in world government, I believe we do need to have national sovereignty and afford other nations the same (which in the past we obviously have not been doing), but I also believe there can come a time when corruption is so great and people are suffering so badly that intervention is necessary. But for that to be justified we need to not be corrupt and right now we're right up there at the top of the corruption scale.
Nanook friendica
I also hope that you realize I'm being sarcastic and snarky when I say it's the US role, we've done this but I don't think 99% of it was justified or good.
Oh yes, of course I realized the sarcasm there...

I also understand how, in the long-term, isolationism may not be the best policy decision, especially not for every country.

Yet, in the case of the US, it would make sense to try to fix the damage we have done throughout the world by disengaging.
Nanook friendica
@J. Løvstuhagen If we disengage it might be good for the world but it will be the end of this country. And frankly it may not even be good for the world. We need to engage but in an ethical manner. How we get ethics into government though, that's a tough one.

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