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Mudflap diaspora
oh, but we're just getting started! wait 3 or 4 months....
$5.00 at the pump by the 4th of July.
Somewhere between $150 and $200 a barrel, the economy crashes.
@Mudflap I think the highest I ever saw it was $4.79. Oy vey! They may artificially raise oil, so they can tell us "green" tech is the needful alternative, to rescue us from the prices. Of course they will subsidize "green" tech to make it appear cheaper.
rottostein diaspora
Stock market seems to be looking at a july crash... VIX futures spiking July contracts.

Also the Gates divorce: they will be "forced" to sell stocks by then. Looks like the divorce is just a ploy to get around company officer stock sale restrictions. Why are they going to such an extreme to move out of the market?
Nanook friendica
@rottostein I don't buy a big crash and the reason I don't is that so much money has been dumped into the market and there really is no place else for that money to go.
rottostein diaspora
I'm watching the market and right now it disagrees with you. also watching what Dr Evil Klaus Schwab is saying will happen next. Not only do they want a crash, they also want a global electric grid shut down (killing cryptos?). I hope they're not successful but I'm planning on being prepared.

besides, the market is currently about 90% bought on margin. derivatives based on naked shorts. fake money chasing fake money. what could go wrong? like 2007.

also inflation is draining wallets. it may be partly demand driven, but the effect is the same. new home construction is up more than $24K on average... and my suppliers are telling me to expect a 15% price increase in June for roofing materials. also 20% for metals (drip edge, etc.) and 20-25% for nails/screws etc.

shit's getting stupid and only heading down hill from here.
Nanook friendica
@rottostein Well, I'm not in the EU so perhaps things are different there, but here with bonds and treasuries being so low there just isn't that many places to put your money in and get a return, and the market is kind of like your average outdoor temperature, there is weather and there is climate, i.e., short term and long term. There is to be sure more volatility but then volatility is where opportunity lies.
I had several stocks I intended to swing sale, and they are dipping below their normal patterns. It is frustrating. I was all set to buy at the dip, but they just keep dipping.
Nanook friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube You're focusing too much on short term, well if you have the time to do day trading why not, in volatility there is opportunity, but I'm more long term focused.
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rottostein diaspora
BTW. I'm in Florida... and I'm talking about the futures market.
Nanook friendica
@rottostein Ok, the .eu in your domain lead me to believe otherwise. The futures market is just peoples guesses and mostly short term guesses at that.
I like to watch them here:
It doesn't really predict the future... but you can see trends. Just look at 'lumber' on that chart.
rottostein diaspora
futures markets are more than guesses. tho certainly not predictions. My point is what the market people are thinking. and the VIX futures are +4 points in June and +6 points in July. Not reaching the 30's like in 2007, but worth keeping an eye on.
I have the time to short term and swing stocks. I am wanting to build income and also savings, for land.
What do you all think of Timothy Sykes? Legit?
Nanook friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube Well if it worked for him why would be be selling books? Just sayin'.
You do not need a lot of time to do short term. Just set you brokerage account to buy at the price you choose, and sell when it reaches the price you choose. It might buy and sell in one night, while you sleep!
Nanook friendica
@baptist_joshua_on_youtube I own a business, and it is a 60 hr/week job on a good week. Why I waste time shit posting here, well that's another question. I guess during covid this is about the only socialization I get. I understand about stops, but there is more to it than that, all this shit has to be tracked to properly pay taxes on it, etc.
I do not use Stop/Loss. If it dips too low, I consider that for my long term. I have FSRPX, and am happy with that stock. I am most interested in new stock, hoping they will greatly increase over time. You could short term or long term them.
I also sometimes check to see if they are Leftists.
Well, maybe to multitask? Plus, he says he hopes that people will join his premium pay list.
Your brokerage should provide you a 1099-B.

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