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Terms of Service

These are terms of service for and I had hoped this sort of thing would not be necessary but people acting in irresponsible ways have made it necessary. In the nine months I've had this operational, I've had someone post a naked young girl, I'd guess around ten, having sex with a dog, I've had someone post a Pakastani having sex with a sheep, I've had people offer Xanax for sale without a prescription. And I've had half a dozen spammers come on and post well prepared infographic commercial messages but otherwise not participate in conversations. Let me be clear ANY of these behaviors will get your ass booted, further, if your activities are illegal and posted on THIS pod you will be reported to authorities.

Terms of Service
I had hoped to allow maximum freedom here and minimal rules. Unfortunately, a handful of individuals who seem incapable of acting in socially responsible ways made it necessary to have some rules, so here they are.

1) No illegal material, no child porn or bestiality, no illegal items for sale, no incitement of violence, no ad hominem attacks.

2) I intend for this to be a market place for ideas. In order for this to work ideas need to be open for criticism. Do not post here if you aren't willing to accept comments that attack your ideas. This is not the same as attacking the poster. If you delete a comment because it criticizes your idea, expect to have your post deleted as well. If you persist in this behavior, expect to be banned.

3) Attacking individuals with ad hominid attacks is not permitted, but criticizing bad behaviors is. Do not expect to be exempt from this because you happen to belong to some self-priviledged minority group.

4) If my pod is banned from yours, expect me to reciprocate in kind because I will.
Shoreline, WA, USA
.. ad hominem ..
Nanook friendica
@BR 549 ☎ Well I can't spell and that's my spell checker for ya. But thanks.
I hate to be a nit-picker, but I like your TOS, and thought I'd let ya know.
Nanook friendica
@BR 549 ☎ No problem, I appreciate it and made appropriate correction. Probably the fact that I penned it at 4am didn't help.

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