Figured out why one of my peertube instances was soooo much slower at transcoding

The steal is rarely under 70%
That seems a little excessive for "fair use"
Bothell, WA

progress prebuilding peertube platform

One of the models I've been working on for peertube instances is a cheap vps using offsite storage. HD videos can quickly build up the gigabytes. $2/month unmetered bandwidth worked in early testing with SSHFS, but after reading a discussion on lowendbox I googled a lot and got setup working with rclone and mergerfs which should provide way better scalability and performance. Just keeping the most recent videos local until they scroll offsite via cron job should cut down most of the wasted bandwith. Plus rclone seems to open up a lot more options for the offsite storage.

hooray for progress
Bothell, WA

Testing peertube integration with friendica
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