Americans won't have to worry about seeing this so much because of all that space but boy we could really use some of that where I live

A real life atheist conundrum.


USA Today just using the buzzcut gender ambiguous powerbutch to advertise their tablet edition.

Also admire the hand size here.

America has become visibly more atrocious.



One of the great ironies that nobody wants to acknowledge is that even American globalists would have to concede that Georgia, the nation, has a better chance of retaining its identity and culture if it is incorporated politically into Russia..!

To be left on the outside would almost certainly damn it to being fully sucked into the NATO-sphere and thus becoming a rainbow colony of the West.


Liberals ultimately, though, do not have any concern about this: they view the destruction of the past as a necessary act to liberate the individual.

But we all know one thing... Only Christ can liberate a man - to enter further into sin will condemn him.

Sexual liberty is actually slavery.


I am just not that much of a Capitalist.

I understand that the free market based theories accurately describes the circumstances by which business flows and the market booms, but it does not describe a world in which I want to live.

I also believe it is entirely possible to make the market subject to the desires of the people as opposed to making the people subject to the market.


Millions Died for Kpop

One of the more interesting observations of 2023.



Ukrainians Execute One of Their Own

Found at Gab.

I did not watch the video because I try to avoid seeing these things whenever I can.

Nonetheless, it's a sad thing to see.

I do understand the occasional necessity of meting out the ultimate punishment on the front lines of war, but there certainly is something sad about giving a man his final smoke and then recording yourself gunning him down.


Absolutely resonates with me.

You can't ever give up your set position and cede the framework of society to your ideological opponents.

Especially when they have no plan to tolerate anything about you.

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