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hello 😀 thanks for having me!
Nanook friendica
@John Rawlins When I try to view it, I'm just getting an exception, so something buggy in the code.
@Nanook hmm. i joined from linux, using firefox developer. i usually use that or seamonkey.
Nanook friendica
@John Rawlins Well the contact portion is working now and I see your image, it is almost as if the database is behind for some reason.
Nanook friendica
@John Rawlins BTW I also am connection from Linux using Firefox, Ubuntu 22.10 to be specific. This is the first time I've seen it do this but we just updated a couple of days ago so may be they broke something in the code.
@Nanook any time one runs apt-get -u dist-upgrade and hits enter, something is bound to break somewhere. 😀
Nanook friendica
@John Rawlins That is for sure. On my workstation I keep it current because I often find myself building things where I need to newest libraries, but on the servers I only upgrade to the LTS, always a hassle, however the upgrade I was referring to was Friendica, just recently did a friendica upgrade. And today your whole profile was visible so apparently workers were behind.
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Shoreline, WA, USA
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