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while I'm at it, posting semi-relevant comments to this rather chaotic discussion thread, but relevant to item 17 of the OP...

a frequent comment of mine, side effects of the vaccine are similar to symptoms of the virus...

my assertion is based on this: all, ALL, of the vaccines currently being administered under EUA, are designed to simulate an infection, but produce only the spike protein instead of the whole virus. it was an obvious vaccine target, right?

and this: apparently no one ever bothered to check whether the spike is also a viral toxin. and it is the toxin that causes blood clots (either spikes from the vaccine or from infection with the live virus). speculation about the mechanism of this toxin is probably a waste of time without relevant research.

many viruses create nasty little protein molecules that have multiple effects. a nucleocapsid that helps crystallize the viral genome into its geometric shape can also sabotage production of an interleukin to paralyze the immune system, as a (hypothetical?) example. Eva Harris and Janet Smith discuss a real example from another virus family in this episode of TWIV (starts about 14 minutes in).

well, I have some affirmation, in that KD agrees with me. KD may have found the relevant research.
Here we study the effect of isolated SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 subunit as potential pro-inflammatory inflammagen sui generis. We investigate the potential of this inflammagen to directly interact with platelets and fibrin(ogen) to cause fibrin(ogen) protein changes and blood hypercoagulation. We also determine if the spike protein may interfere with blood flow, by comparing naïve healthy PPP samples, with and without added spike protein, to PPP samples from COVID-19 positive patients (before treatment). We conclude that the spike protein may have pathological effects directly, without being taken up by cells.
neither KD nor I are virologists, so decide for yourself...
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@BR 549 ☎ It would seem to be A factor if not THE factor.
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@BR 549 ☎ And Hey Bill Gates is no virologists either.
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@Robert Dinse
this is from the (preprint) paper KD cites:
Receptor binding is certainly responsible for cell-mediated pathologies, but does not of itself explain the coagulopathies. Spike protein, can however be shed, and it has been detected in various organs, including the urinary tract (George et al., 2021). S1 proteins can also cross the blood-brain-barrier (Rhea et al., 2021). Free S1 particles may also play a role in the pathogenesis of the disease (Letarov et al., 2020, Buzhdygan et al., 2020). Free spike protein can potentially be released due to spontaneous “firing” of the S protein trimers on the surface of virions, and infected cells liberates free receptor binding domain-containing S1 particles (Letarov et al., 2020).
-- and the people who wrote the paper are real scientists.

I wonder if this preprint will suddenly disappear?
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not sure what 'factor' you are talking about.
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@BR 549 ☎ In causing clotting by vaccines and viruses alike, not to mention other inflammatory symptoms.
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@Robert Dinse no doubt the virus has other dirty tricks, and there's other nasty stuff in the vaccines.

however 'spike' is one thing that ALL the current vaccines have in common. some are DNA, some are RNA, some are Adenovirus pseudovirions and some are artificial nanoparticles. but all of them are causing spikes to be made.
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