Best News I've Heard in Years

About fucking time they started going after the heads of this hydra.
Shoreline, WA, USA
Zekie Cho diaspora
I dunno. There are a lot of bad characters in society where they are more in it for themselves than actually bettering the world or their nation. It is quite amazing on how the people are, just following the leader blindly. This isn't just left or right, it is just populace as a whole. There are great things a person does every now and then, and sometimes we all fall into a mode of greed where we come to do things for ourselves rather than for the betterment of society. Humans tend to do this a lot, and history has even recorded the deeds of these happening. However, it seems that there are a lot more greedy people today than there were back then. We all end up screwing each other over and then to constantly complain about how society is crumbling before our eyes.
Well this particular leader lead us to a great deal of prosperity compared to what we had suffered the last 20 years or so, we gained energy independence, for the first time in an administration that I can remember in my 62 year life, did not start a new war, seemed like a good trend.
Zekie Cho diaspora
Robert, I already know what Trump has accomplished. Yet the media is claiming that he is corrupt and such. From what I have observed, I've been looking into their claims, yet I cannot seem to find anything asides doctored documents, in which I question. To me, he may be bombastic and such, with some narcissism. This doesn't discount what he has done for this country. World peace got much closer under his administration. I know that most politicians are more in office for self interest, yet he does stand out. A lot of people, especially the media claims that he is in it for himself, yet why would he even think of donating his presidential salary to charity? Yes, he is rich and so forth, but he know and jokes about himself losing money running as a politician. But is he really in it for himself? I don't think he is.
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