"Golos" ("Voice") of the Liquidators Against the Party

Second-day Sitting of Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries of Workers' Party of Korea Held --Jo Yong Won, Member of Presidium of Political Bureau of WPK Central Committee and Secretary for Organizational Affairs of Party Central Committee, Other Secretaries of C.C., WPK Guide Meeting--

General Secretary of the Workers’ Institute – Talk By Comrade Aravindan Balakrishnan: State and Revolution in Britain (15.10.1976)!


@John Doe The most devious thing Satan did was convince many that he didn't exist.
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@Robert Dinse You're right. So people believe they can do whatever they want.

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Biden Seeks a $2.5 Trillion Tax Hike on American Businesses

The Biden administration released details of its plan to dramatically increase taxes on American businesses on Wednesday, reversing many of the key provisions of the 2017 Trump administration tax overhaul and replacing some tax breaks with direct government spending.
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@Robert Dinse I never thought I will see such corruption in Western countries. Now they don't even bother anymore to pretend they're not corrupted.
@John Doe Yep welcome to the banana republic of the USA.

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)

You can follow us in other languages. Visit the contacts section in our website for more information

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Furious ex-Fox host storms off BBC amid row over Georgia voter laws: ‘I’m done’

I am nowhere near anything you're pointing me to be and the problem with American politics is exactly that. Because I'm white you think I'm racist. That's BS. I'm done.
#news #politics #democrats #RaceBaiting

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But vaccines work! #vaxxed #covid and masks work too! can it get anymore insane?

246 "Fully Vaccinated" Michigan Residents Catch COVID-19, 3 Die

Michigan, now the epicenter of the American COVID outbreak, is desperately begging the federal government for more vaccines. But reports about a rash of infections in "fully vaccinated" patients might provoke a rethink.

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'Our children don't stand a chance': Glenn Beck EXPOSES how radical Marxism is infiltrating our kids' schools

One of the most dangerous existential threats to the United States is Critical Race Theory, or CRT.

Then last August, leaked documents revealed that Marxism, activist ideology of Black Lives Matter, is making its way into grade school classrooms across the country.
#news #education #children #CRT #BLM #Marxism #communism #farleft

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Asian Woman Stabbed In California After Suspect Was Released From Jail Because Of COVID Pandemic Restrictions

A transient woman accused in a fatal knifing of an Asian woman in California on Saturday was jailed days earlier on assault charges but had been freed without bail because of COVID-19 restrictions, authorities said.
#news #California #muder #restrictions
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The Cadets on "Two Camps" and "Sensible Compromise"

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The San Francisco district reversed a decision to rename 44 schools, including for Abraham Lincoln, facing a lawsuit.
#AbrahamLincoln #CancelCulture #LaurenceTribe #monuments #SanFrancisco

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Top EU Officials Meet with Turkish Islamist Prez in Bid to Thaw Relations

According to a report from German newspaper Münchner Merkur, the European Union has offered Turkey a “restart” on relations that could include increased economic cooperation and financial support to the country.

Erdogan and his government have conflicted with Greece over migration and Turkish research vessels in the Eastern Aegean and has also been at odds with French President Emmanuel Macron following his crackdown on Islamists groups after the murder of teacher Samuel Paty.
#news #politics #EU #Turkey
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Brittan and Brexit are just the first.
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@Nanook I hope you're right. The fall of the Globalist organization can't come soon enough.

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