Conclusions on Repulse of 2nd Anti-Communist Onslaught

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Mythily Sivaraman: Revolutionary Fighter against Class Exploitation, Caste Oppression and Gender Inequality

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Supreme Court Announces Date for Hearing of Sheikh Jarrah Appeal

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NORWAY: Muslim migrants use violence to disrupt demonstration by the anti-Islam group ‘Stop the Islamization of Norway’
Yesterday, hundreds of Muslim migrants turned up to demonstrate against SIAN’s (Stop the Islamization of Norway) public speech at Strømsø Square in Drammen. Several people were arrested and the police eventually had to stop SIAN’s demonstration

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Oregon will allow homeless individuals to sleep on public land in all communities

House Bill 3115, which passed the Senate Wednesday afternoon and is en route to Gov. Kate Brown’s desk, is a response to a 2018 landmark homelessness case that impacted most western states with an intent to better support individuals experiencing homelessness.
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Why does the left get a pass on tearing down statues they don't like?

A statue of Egerton Ryerson that stands on the campus of the university that bears his name in Toronto, Ont. was toppled and decapitated earlier this week. "If every political group in the country started acting like this, how do you think things would turn out?" asks commentator Spencer Fernando.
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who never lived a day in his life in Communism
You know, right-wing lunatics' politics can be easily explained when you consider how much they privilege emotion and anecdote to document, evidence, and reason.
You Pluspora people are all mentally sick.
Sad bitch makes claims and can't back them up. Given how you've behaved in this comment thread, I think it's clear who comes off as mentally disturbed. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that. Everyone deserves access to the care they need.
You all need a slap on the face
Sad bitch still can't read. Sad bitch can only suggest the most feeble of violences.
Provinto diaspora
Sad bitch can’t read. Sad bitch can only post dumbass memes. Let's all take a moment to pity this sad bitch.

Indian state abstains from voting on UNHRC resolution to investigate Israel’s crimes in Gaza 038;utm_medium=rss038;utm_campaign=indian-state-abstains-from-voting-on-unhrc-resolution-to-investigate-israels-crimes-in-gaza" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">;utm_medium=rss038;utm_campaign=indian-state-abstains-from-voting-on-unhrc-resolution-to-investigate-israels-crimes-in-gaza

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Police officer quits after being punished for allowing his kids to have fun in the park

Lynchuk had offered his children a sense of normality by bringing them to a fun day in the park that was arranged by a pro-freedom group. He ended up being penalized by his superiors after his own colleagues handed in photos of Lynchuk at the park that day.
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Virginia school district under fire for firing Christian teacher who refused to recognize trans identity

A Virginia school district that suspended physical education teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross, who publicly opposed policy to affirm children’s “transgender identity” because of his Christian faith, has been put on blast by parents and teachers who are fighting back against the progressive ideology.
#news #politics #education #Christians #Virginia #progressivism #LGBT #tranny
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Number of youth in hospital after suicide attempt tripled over 4-month period under COVID-19 Social Sharing

McMaster Children's Hospital says it has seen a steady increase of youth in crisis since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

According to the hospital, youth admitted for medical support after a suicide attempt has tripled over a four-month period, compared to last year. The hospital also said that patients are staying in hospital longer due to more serious attempts.
#news #Canada #children #lockdown #tyranny #covid #coronavirus #genocide

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