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Another Step Towards World Fascism

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Kernel Upgrade Saturday March 18th 11PM

Posted on March 17, 2023

We will be upgrading our server kernels on Saturday the 18th starting at 11pm Pacific Daylight Time. Expected downtime is about ten minutes per service with the exception of Yacy which can take half an hour or longer to rebuild database after a reboot.

This will affect all of our services, free and non-free, virtual private servers, shell services, e-mail, and web hosting. The free services are the fediverse services,,,, and
Shoreline, WA, USA

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Shoreline, WA, USA

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Really Good News

This is really good news for the world, not so good for the WEF, and I'm very happy to see this development. The WEF/EU/UN are all doing their best to starve us out or kill us with weaponized viruses and/or RNA shots but here is a political win for the non-WEF side! Now if we could see something similar happen in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US, probably not in Germany since it's German Ashkanazi's or just Nazi's behind all of this, we might have some hope for the future.
Shoreline, WA, USA

Shoreline, WA, USA

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Shoreline, WA, USA

Tucker Calls Out the Media

Absolute hero tier:

Tucker: So when you, look at me and say, "Yeah, of course [the media] is part of the means of control." That's obvious to you because you're 28, but I just didn't see it at all -- at all. And I'm ashamed of that.

PODCAST HOST: Isn't that what the media tries to do though?

TUCKER CARLSON: It's their only purpose. They're not here to inform you! Really? Even on the big things that really matter like the economy and the war and Covid, things that really matter and will effect you, no. Their job is not to inform you, they're working for the small group of people who actually run the world. They're their servants, they're the Praetorian Guard. And we should treat them with maximum contempt because they have earned it.

Stand behind this man.

Cruz Calling Out Big Tech

Absolutely we need to get to the bottom of this and sort the media out.

It's good to see that Cruz is still running with this issue:

Cruz sent four letters to the chief officers of TikTok, Meta, Twitter, and Google asking for information about their platforms’ algorithms.
“As you are well aware, social media companies rely on algorithms to not only moderate content, but also to surface personalized recommendations to users,” Cruz said.

He emphasized the ways these algorithms play a tangible role in politics, noting that “Recommendation systems play an increasingly ubiquitous role in selecting content for individual consumption, including by promoting some content, using product design elements to prominently display recommendations, and downranking or filtering disfavored content and accounts.”

Later in the letters, Cruz wrote, “In a world where seven out of ten Americans receive their political news from social media, the manner in which content is filtered through recommendation systems has an undeniable effect on what Americans see, think, and ultimately believe.”

“At their best,” Cruz added, “recommendations help users discover interesting or relevant content that they might not otherwise find on a platform.”
But at their worst, Cruz said, these algorithms can be a recipe for addiction and a pipeline to obscene or harmful material, or can be redirected for partisan ends.

“[R]ecommendation systems can also fuel platform addiction by feeding users an essentially infinite stream of content,” Cruz said, adding that these algorithms “can be especially dangerous when recommendations make it easier for vulnerable users, especially teenagers, to find objectively harmful content, such as content that promotes eating disorders and self-harm.”

All of this is true and I sincerely hope that he is invested in bringing big tech to heel.

... But we cannot count the number of times that we have been disappointed by politicians, can we ?

The story is that the Russians did something wrong here... For engaging the $35 million dollar drone of a country that has invested billions in killing their soldiers during their war.

But lol... It does get better.

“To my knowledge, at this point in time, the Russians have not recovered that aircraft,” Gen Ryder said on Tuesday afternoon.

Also note that the Americans haven't recovered it either.
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What is funny is someone said, this is a violation of international law, like blowing up a pipeline isn't?


which wave of feminism are we on? I've lost count. (not your grandmother's feminism).

#Feminism #banksters - not a good combination...


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No pay attention to what REALLY matters, people with the knowledge and experience to make sound investments, not woke bullshit. Go Woke, Go Broke!

Second Gentleman Thinks You Killed His Ancestors for Questioning Trans Agenda

Oh, look, another Ashkenazi telling us all that our opinions are like murder to him if we question the trans agenda they are forcing on kids.

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff compared the “hate” at public school board meetings Wednesday to that which motivated the Holocaust, in which the Nazis exterminated six million Jews and millions of other people.

"Second gentleman," of course, is a hilarious title.

This hate is interconnected. You see it in the discourse in the country right now. You see it in the divide that we have, in the, just going to school [board] meeting[s] — you see that hate that is out there, we’ve got to step up, and speak out, and we’ve got to call out the cowards out there, people — as my wife would say, these “so-called leaders.”

By call out the cowards he is talking about enlisting conservatives to police all of the people on the rigt...

"Settle down, guys! We're going to be called Holocausters!"
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He doesn't get that we don't want him grooming our children. Not sure why that's such a difficult concept for homosexual and transgender folks, but it seems to be.
I don't understand how this moron has never had a similar sentiment - he is a father, after all.

As you say, though, they may be natural born psychotics.
Nanook friendica
@J. Løvstuhagen Got me confused with someone else unless you've just misconstrued my statement that Askhanazi's seem to all possess the psychopath gene, but psychopathy and psychosis are two entirely different things, the former indicating an inability to have empathy, the latter a disconnect with reality, and I guess though I didn't say it, that does appear to be the case.
I thought that a psychotic and a psychopath were the same.

My bad.

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Shoreline, WA, USA

Shoreline, WA, USA

한국의 미래는 반도체다.

세계의 미래는 반도체.

우선 오는 2042년까지 경기도 용인에 300조원 규모의 '반도체 클러스터'를 구축한다. 단일 단지 기준으로 세계에서 가장 큰 규모다. 클러스터에 첨단 반도체 제조공장(팹) 5개를 구축하고 국내외 우수한 소재·부품·장비(소부장), 팹리스(반도체 설계업체) 등 최대 150개 기업을 유치한다는 방침이다.

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US Spy Stabbed in U K

Honestly this detail makes it really interesting:

According to local residents interviewed by the Daily Mail, the woman and her attacker were inside the car, arguing, before the stabbing.

Hersh Speculates US Could Be Contemplating Entering the Conflict

He's rightfully concerned:

The US could get directly involved in the Ukraine conflict if it sees that Kiev’s forces are on the back foot, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh suggested on Tuesday.

Speaking at an event in Washington, DC hosted by the Committee for the Republic, a non-profit organization, Hersh noted that the US “did stupid things” during the Vietnam War, and suggested that Washington could “start doing something else” in the Ukraine conflict.

“I don’t know what happens if it goes bad for Ukraine, you have all this manpower,” he said, pointing out that the US has dispatched units of its 82nd and 101st elite airborne divisions close to the Ukrainian border, while “a lot of weapons and arms are coming” to Europe.

Even further interesting observations from Hersh:

According to Hersh, “the big deal” is that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to come to an agreement with the Ukrainian government. “The deal is demilitarize, and it’s going to be a no-go for us,” the journalist said, adding that the Russian leader “has not put in his main force yet” in the conflict.

Summing up the Ukraine conflict, Hersh argued that “we just may be kidding ourselves what’s going on there and what the results are going to be”.

He recalled the battle of Stalingrad during WWII, when Soviet troops suffered heavy losses but still emerged victorious. “Come on. Do we really want to mix up with those guys? I don’t think so,” the journalist added.

Russia likes to fight things at a slow pace and likes to be very careful with how it engages... It moves at its own speed.

I don't fully understand it myself, I have never pretended to be some expert in military afafirs. Let me further point out that I generally think it is the case that the experts in these affairs are often no better informed than any of us.

Nonetheless, we must be very weary of what our moron leaders will do in the West.

Stop Sinning, Start Winning

Oh brother...

“We are the f**king coolest private army in the world. We are recruiting fighters from all regions of Russia. Don’t w**ck off – go work for PMC Wagner,” the Russian-language ad says, before a phone number appears on screen.

LOL, what...

Asked about the salacious promo video, Wagner Group’s head Evgeny Prigozhin later confirmed that the ad was genuine.

“...advertising PMC Wagner on porn sites is a very good idea of ​​our marketers,” he said as cited by his press service. “I absolutely completely agree with them, and this advertisement says: ‘Go to fight in the Wagner PMC, stop j**king off.’ Who disagrees with this argument?”

We can at least agree that fighting for Wagner is cooler than wacking off.

2024 Campaign Already Turns Ugly

Hard to imagine the next election going off smoothly. Already the intra-party fighting is wild.

Trump may also have a point here:

“Governor DeSantis’s failure to declare his candidacy is no mere oversight; it is a coordinated effort specifically designed for him to accept, as unethical gifts, illegal campaign contributions and certain personal benefits that are necessarily intended to influence,” it declares, providing what it describes as evidence of these claims.

The gloves are really off:

A press release from Make American Great Again Inc. states that DeSantis should be held accountable, removed from office, and disqualified from “any future ballot in the State of Florida” if the commission finds these alleged violations to be legitimate.

“The Make America Great Again movement was birthed to stop career politicians who use public service to amass personal wealth and power,” the pro-Trump PAC said in a statement.

Bailout Blues

Yeah, nothing about this is completely ridiculous.

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), whose collapse last week has triggered a global banking crisis, donated over $73 million to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement — but found itself unable to pay depositors in a cash crunch.

Also cue the posts where they point out that the new board is primarily made up of women (though I am not 100% sure this is completely true).

Some other good factoids:

“As a point of reference, $82.9 billion is more than the GDP of 46 African countries. In 2022, the Ford Motor Company’s profits were $23 billion,” they also noted. The sum of $82.9 million includes “more than $123 million to the BLM parent organizations directly,” as well as much more to other organizations supporting BLM’s agenda.

The Search for the Drone

Naturally, #Russia is on the move and is not going to let the drone go to waste.

The U.S. Reaper drone that crashed in the Black Sea Tuesday will be recovered and studied, a Russian spy chief claims, as the two countries tousle over how exactly the unmanned aircraft was brought down.

An MQ-9 Reaper attack-reconnaissance drone crashed into the Black Sea on Tuesday morning, prompting the United States Air Force (USAF) to accuse Russia of having acted in an “environmentally unsound” manner by dumping aviation fuel onto the drone before striking its propeller, causing it to lose power and crash. Russia for their part denied having come into contact with the drone, stating it crashed by itself without their help.

It is actually quite unimportant what the truth of the matter is.

What will really be interesting is if the Russians recover it and hand it over to the Iranians for reverse engineering.

Shoreline, WA, USA

These guys are going to always exist on the right - there will always be some collection of people who cuck to these issues and they will be lauded as great examples of what you good conservatives are capable of doing.

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Shoreline, WA, USA

Nanook friendica

Yet Another Reason the UN should be Defunded and Disbanded

Who the fuck elected these people to tell us what we can and can not put into our bodies? I'm pretty sure I didn't get to vote for any of them, did you?
Shoreline, WA, USA
108madhuri diaspora
Oh My, "the convention of Psychotropic Substances" sounds like an event I'd want to attend to meet the most cosmic dudes and dudettes who have researched the mysterious depths of consciousness for decades...
Not so, apparently. Haha. Some upside down world we live in..

Here is a quote that always makes me smile:
"LSD is a substance that can induce psychosis in people that have never taken it"

They want people to think that Charlie Kirk is an extremist who barely is within the bounds of legally acceptable speech (lol) because they want carte blanche to jail people like us.

Leave it to the far flung corners of the empire to talk the hardest smack.
Oh yes, of course I realized the sarcasm there...

I also understand how, in the long-term, isolationism may not be the best policy decision, especially not for every country.

Yet, in the case of the US, it would make sense to try to fix the damage we have done throughout the world by disengaging.
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@J. Løvstuhagen If we disengage it might be good for the world but it will be the end of this country. And frankly it may not even be good for the world. We need to engage but in an ethical manner. How we get ethics into government though, that's a tough one.

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If ever there were a country in need of regime change, it's right here right now!
Shoreline, WA, USA

Really sad & epic history here:

In the 1860s the Peruvian slave raids began, as Peruvians were experiencing labor shortages and came to regard the Pacific as a vast source of free labor. Slavers raided islands as far away as Micronesia, but Rapa Nui was much closer and became a prime target.

In December 1862 eight Peruvian ships landed their crewmen and between bribery and outright violence they captured some 1,000 Rapanui, including the king, his son, and the ritual priests (one of the reasons for so many gaps in knowledge of the ancient ways). It has been estimated that 2,000 Rapanui were captured over a period of years. Those who survived to arrive in Peru were poorly treated, overworked, and exposed to diseases. Ninety percent of the Rapa Nui died within one or two years of capture.

Eventually the Bishop of Tahiti caused a public outcry and an embarrassed Peru rounded up the few survivors to return them. A shipload headed to Rapa Nui, but smallpox broke out en route and only 15 arrived at the island. They were put ashore. The resulting smallpox epidemic nearly wiped out the remaining population.

In the aftermath of the Peruvian slave deportations in the 1860s, Rapa Nui came under extensive outside influence from neighbouring Polynesian languages such as Tahitian. While the majority of the population that was taken to work as slaves in the Peruvian mines died of diseases and bad treatment in the 1860s, hundreds of other Islanders who left for Mangareva in the 1870s and 1880s to work as servants or labourers adopted the local form of Tahitian-Pidgin. Fischer argues that this pidgin became the basis for the modern Rapa Nui language when the surviving part of the Rapa Nui immigrants on Mangareva returned to their almost deserted home island.

They've been there for over a thousand years and suddenly it now has to all come to an end...

And who is ultimately ordering it?

A government led by a Jew.

Last Friday, Ukrainian officials told the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to vacate the 980-year-old Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery complex in the embattled nation's capital, according to Reuters.

The denomination has been given until March 29 to obey the order. Although the UOC has historical ties to the Russian Orthodox Church, it severed its ties with the Moscow patriarchate last year in response to the Russian invasion.

In a statement, the Ukrainian culture ministry claimed that UOC "violated the terms of the agreement regarding the use of state property" but didn't say how. The UOC contends it is a victim of a political witch hunt.

There's no rule of law in the Ukraine - don't hold your breath waiting for them to provide the rationale.
Nanook friendica
That's the point, Jews get criticized for owning all the banks, media, big pharma, and now lots of food production, committing genocide against the Palestinians, but what most people don't realize is that 97% of Israel's population isn't Jewish, it's Ashkanazi, and virtually all of their leaders are Askhanazi, and it is the Ashkanazi's that seem to be universally psychopathic and have this insatiable greed for money and power. If Hitler had made this distinction we wouldn't be fucked today. It is important now that they are trying to hard to eliminate us, via the WEF, via the Ukraine, that we make the proper distinction and eliminate them.
I was once worried I could be too hardcore for this Friendica instance but here I am being outdone by the owner, lol.

Cheers, bro.
Nanook friendica
@J. Løvstuhagen I was too "hard core" for Farcebook and Twatter, got kicked off of both in 2020, which is what inspired this. I happen to run an Internet Hosting service so the resources were readily available to me.
Nanook friendica
@J. Løvstuhagen Also, it is my basic belief that if you have a highly polarized situation, which in the world today we most certainly do, when you stop talking about it, that's when you start fighting and killing over it, so I believe censoring things like this is at best counterproductive.
This is a fabulous observation -- I really appreciate both the background here, and your comment...

I have very far right ideas, but I am also inclined to pacifism because Christ commands this of me... I believe that we are all made in the image of Christ, and while some people will inevitably choose to be ignorant, we can have hope for them since they are made as rational beings with the capacity to change...

I just don't believe in winning by violence since it is also the case that people are getting what they deserve from their own poor choices, and so it is a sort of fate by God...

Free speech is an important part of all this because it enables us to set the right courses for social change... and, if people don't want that, they will be punished by their own stupidity and anger.

LOL - these guys got a lot of sticks in the fire.

The Maison Brander owned a large sheep ranch on Easter Island for exporting wool. The ranch was managed by the power-hungry convicted murderer Jean-Baptiste Dutrou-Bornier, who had acquired additional land and appointed his Rapanui wife "Queen". This was the low point in the island's history; by 1872 its resident population had been reduced to 111.

In 1871 Alexander Jr had picked up rudimentary Rapanui from his hundreds of indentured Easter Island labourers at the Mahina coconut plantation on Tahiti. In 1877 Queen Pōmare IV died, and Alexander's sister became regent. John Brander also died that year, and Dutrou-Bornier was assassinated. Alexander set off for Easter Island to manage the sheep station in around October 1878 with twenty Tahitian workers and an unknown number of Rapanui whose indentures had expired and ran the island for a decade. He introduced the coconut, the first sizeable tree on the island since its deforestation two centuries earlier, apart from some fruit trees at the SSCC Catholic mission and Dutrou-Bornier's estate.

Salmon returned to Tahiti in 1883–1884 for business. Upon his return to Easter Island he bought up all remaining land apart from the SSCC mission at Hanga Roa. As owner of nearly all the island and sole source of employment, Salmon was de facto ruler.

As he was not a religious man, and a Jew, the priests did not like him, especially Hippolyte Roussel, who had been forced to leave the island in 1871 due to conflict with Dutrou-Bornier but who visited again in 1879. Bishop Jaussen in Tahiti appointed a Rapanui, Atamu te Kena, "king" to protect church interests from the Maison Brander, but Salmon ignored him and he never had any influence. However, Salmon was an honest man and sincerely interested in the welfare of the people, and the population started to recover. This was the era of the strong Tahitian influence on the Rapanui language and culture.

Of course the Wikipedia article talks about this guy as some humanitarian... He has the magick ethnicity modifier that excuses him from colonialism.

Of course - I link to an archived version of the Wiki.

Nanook friendica

Romans 8:28 New International Version

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.
Shoreline, WA, USA

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Shoreline, WA, USA

Nanook friendica

The Big Elephant In The Room

The big elephant in the room that this article ignores, "Was He Vaxxed?" and if course the answer is most probably yes because 21-year old athletes simply do not have heart attacks without Pfiezer or Moderna's assistance.
Shoreline, WA, USA

The protests were initially triggered by a bill ‘On the Transparency of Foreign Influence’, which was adopted by the Georgian parliament on its first reading. On Tuesday, 76 deputies voted in favor of adopting the bill and 13 deputies opposed it.

During the discussion stage, MPs from opposition parties said they would not allow the so-called “Russian law” to be considered in parliament. This resulted in a fight between opponents and supporters of the legislation. Deputies from the National Movement and Strategy Aghmashenebeli opposition parties were expelled from the chamber. Triggered by the situation, the latter’s leader Giorgi Vashadze called on all opponents of the bill to join the rally.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Georgian Interior Ministry reported that 50 law enforcement officers had been injured in clashes with protesters. Calls from the police to “stay within the bounds of the law” did not work.

... and they absolutely have threatened revolution:

Talk of such legislation first emerged last summer. Back then, several influential Western-funded NGOs immediately understood the existential nature of the possible measure. They announced the formation of a “temporary technical government” and presented the authorities with an ultimatum, threatening them with a “peaceful revolution” if they refused.

... and remember, these people are absolutely inundated with NGOs:

In a review of the Georgian civil sector published in 2020, the Asian Development Bank indicated that there is no special legislation on non-profit or non-governmental organizations in the country, although they are listed in the general register of companies, which as of the beginning of 2019 consisted of 12,800 organizations. At the same time, the vast majority of such organizations rely on foreign funding, according to the Georgian national statistics service Sakstat. As of spring 2022, there were 7,972 companies with foreign founders operating in the country. With a total population of 3.7 million, there are around 460 people per foreign NPO in Georgia. For comparison, as of November 2022, there were over 500 active “foreign agents” registered in the US, under FARA.

Pope Francis On Gender Ideology

Absolutely wonderful to see the Pope actually stand up for Christianity for once:

Pope Francis condemned transgender ideology in a recent interview, declaring that it is “one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations.”

The pontiff, who was born and raised in Argentina, spoke with the Argentine newspaper La Nacion last week, in advance of his 10th anniversary of assuming the papacy.

When asked if he “had been asked to write a document on the subject of gender,” Francis responded that while “no one” had requested that he create such a document, people always seek “clarifications” on the Catholic Church’s views on the matter.

The term "gender ideology" is often defined as a set of beliefs that characterizes gender as a social construct, not based on one's biological sex, and rejects the gender binary of male and female. It is often associated with the LGBT movement.

I think a lot of people have become confused with what the Catholic church really means because they tend to emphasize his statements when he is engaging with pastoral care.

“I always distinguish between what pastoral care is for people who have a different sexual orientation and what gender ideology is,” he said. “They are two different things. Gender ideology, at this time, is one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations.”

Great further clarification:

Francis said he views gender ideology as “dangerous,” lamenting that “it dilutes differences” between men and women. He described “the tension of differences” as “the richness of men and women and all of humanity” and stressed that “growing through the tension of differences” constitutes an important part of humanity.

The mosst tiring whinging in the world:

>Louis Farrakhan says Louis Farrakhan type stuff
>"Why aren't the Democrats condemning this..?!"
>"They're the REAAAALLl Anti-Semites."

Guys, nobody cares.

This is tiresome and nobody thinks it's true.

This is all just meant to frame everything in the context of 'kissing the ADL's ass is good; criticizing the ADL is bad."
Nanook friendica
ADL = Ashkanazi Defense League - Can Fuck Itself.

The West is a joke - they are democratic societies that are supposed to be based on the marketplace of ideas...

Yet you cannot say a single thing that criticizes their sacred cows.

Ravier faces trial tomorrow in the criminal court of Marseilles on charges of incitement to discrimination, hatred, or violence. The case is based on a tweet, on January 11, 2022, in which Ravier reacted to the murder of a teen in Paris by a 62-year-old man from Senegal.

He tweeted “Theo, 18 years old, murdered yesterday by a Senegalese [migrant]… Immigration kills the youth of France.”

A complaint was filed by the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) and the League for Human Rights (LDH) against Ravier over allegations of spreading hatred toward migrants.

NATO doesn't fight for democracy.

It fights for its own oligarchic interest.

This is all from the Washington Post who normally does everything that they can to back up the broken #Ukraine narrative:

DNIPROPETROVSK REGION, Ukraine — The quality of Ukraine’s military force, once considered a substantial advantage over Russia, has been degraded by a year of casualties that have taken many of the most experienced fighters off the battlefield, leading some Ukrainian officials to question Kyiv’s readiness to mount a much-anticipated spring offensive.

U.S. and European officials have estimated that as many as 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or wounded since the start of Russia’s invasion early last year, compared with about 200,000 on the Russian side, which has a much larger military and roughly triple the population from which to draw conscripts. Ukraine keeps its running casualty numbers secret, even from its staunchest Western supporters.

I actually do not endorse the numbers that the US/EU officials are putting forward here, with a 1.2 to 2 ratio that favors the Ukrainians. I think that even when they are trying to be honest about painting the dismal picture, they will still lie to us. I would be surprised if the ratio is anywhere near favorable to the Ukrainians -- I would be ecstatic if I was a Hohol to hear that the ratio is even 1:1.

Statistics aside, an influx of inexperienced draftees, brought in to plug the losses, has changed the profile of the Ukrainian force, which is also suffering from basic shortages of ammunition, including artillery shells and mortar bombs, according to military personnel in the field.


“And there are only a few soldiers with combat experience,” Kupol added. “Unfortunately, they are all already dead or wounded.”

For some even tastier tears:

Such grim assessments have spread a palpable, if mostly unspoken, pessimism from the front lines to the corridors of power in Kyiv, the capital. An inability by Ukraine to execute a much-hyped counteroffensive would fuel new criticism that the United States and its European allies waited too long, until the force had already deteriorated, to deepen training programs and provide armored fighting vehicles, including Bradleys and Leopard battle tanks.

It's interesting to think that even the experts here posit that the great opportunity for the Ukraine was to win with a strong counteroffensive... But no such counteroffensvie could ever exist meaningfully against the Russians who predictably just brought to bear their far superior numbers.

From this point there are some funny statements in the article - for instance, the idea that Russia is experiencing WWI levels of casualties, but you still get glimpses of the real picture behind the paragraphs inserted to shore up the pro-Kiev narrative:

Ukraine has also faced an acute shortage of artillery shells, which Washington and its allies have scrambled to address, with discussions about how to shore up Ukrainian stocks dominating daily meetings on the war at the White House National Security Council. Washington’s efforts have kept Ukraine fighting, but use rates are very high, and scarcity persists.

“You’re on the front line,” Kupol said. “They’re coming toward you, and there’s nothing to shoot with.”

This is normally something that they would ever publish about Russia.

There might be real change on the horizon for the US policy towards the Ukraine - the state media apparatus is warming people up to the idea of cutting their losses and moving on.

Nanook friendica
Shoreline, WA, USA
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