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In February 2023 a protest outside migrant hotel ‘The Suites’ near Liverpool, organised in response to local girls being sexually harassed by asylum seekers, descended into chaos with an abandoned police van torched by masked trouble-makers in Antifa ‘Black blok’ style clothing, while police looked on.

Patriotic Alternative, a pro-White activist organisation, was immediately framed for the Kirkby arson by anti-White journalists and activists, leading to calls in parliament for them to be removed from social media. Days after they were suddenly de-platformed from Twitter.

We take a closer look at the curious events surrounding the Kirkby protest and examine the many questions arising from this story.

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Ya, probably something like that.
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@Nanook Yes, I think you may be right on this one. It's probably why they kept harping on about Trump being a Russian agent. Since, if the election had gone the other way, they might have been successful with their sanctions, and their proxy war of attrition aimed at the Russians. Although, despite all their best efforts, time and history, in their bias, made the final call. Viewing the transpired events in that light, all their actions and motivations are now laid even more bare and gives purpose for everything that transpired, between those years.

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This is a VERY GOOD interview. A real "keeper".

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Who Is Klaus Schwab?

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History Relevant to Ukraine Conflict

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I have switched from Brave to LibreWolf as my prime browser...

I was kind of sick of there being an adblocker that then subsequently gave me all of these crypto add popups and such.

More importantly, though, was that Brave search itself was providing terrible results and they tended to align with what the leftists culture wars wanted. For instance, they persistently put the link to the ADL when you searched for E. Michael Jones.

However, DuckDuckGo, while even stating that they were a bit aligned with the Ukrainians apparently (?), does not even do this.

So, seeing the trajectory of the company and being annoyed by the ads, I have switched over to LibreWolf.

Of course, I do compartmentalize. So, I use Google Chrome and even Edge for a few sites because they are clean, uninteresting places to visit and I like to have those windows available to me at work with a simple click.

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A Verdade em Batalha e o Livro de Martín Blandino (segunda parte)

Truly fascinating

Putin visited the Donbass and even drove himself around

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about three million people in the United States currently acquire antibiotic-resistant infections each year, causing over 35,000 deaths annually.

Overuse and misuse of antibiotics have contributed to the development of antibiotic resistance. This includes using antibiotics when they are not needed, such as for viral infections like the common cold, and failing to complete a full course of antibiotics as prescribed.

In addition, the use of antibiotics in livestock and agriculture can also contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

One of the most concerning antibiotic-resistant infections is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a type of bacteria that is resistant to many commonly used antibiotics.

MRSA infections can range from mild skin infections to life-threatening bloodstream infections and are especially common in health care settings.

Another example is carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which is a group of bacteria that is resistant to some of the strongest antibiotics available.

“Early on, 40 or 50 years ago, as antibiotics started to be used and resistances accumulated, the pharmaceutical drug industry was able to discover, and/or create new antibiotics,” said Dr. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine in the Department of Health Policy, and professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“So we were able to ‘stay ahead’ of antibiotic resistance because we always had a new antibiotic that we could pull off the proverbial shelf and use,” he continued.

In those early days of drug development, the “easy” antibiotics were discovered, but we’re in a difficult situation now, and advances have slowed.

“So we can’t just research our way out of a problem by creating new antibiotics,” said Schaffner. “Therefore, our options for appropriate therapy become diminished.”

No end in sight.
#Antidepressants cause more antibiotic-resistance than antibiotics. #Sluts are killing those people.

We're really at a point where basically everyone in the west under Ninety grew up in the wake of the cultural revolution of the sixties or was directly a part of it.

Barely anyone's formative years predate this.

Fuzzy Haskins, A Founding Member Of Parliament-Funkadelic, Is Dead At 81
Singer and founding Parliament-Funkadelic member Clarence Eugene “Fuzzy” Haskins is dead at 81. The news arrived today from Fuzzy’s Parliament bandmate George Clinton, who took to Instagram to honor the late artist.

Quite an interesting tweet that links back to a story of organized crime kidnapping healthy babies from Ukrainian maternity wards... The sort of thing that has been happening there for decades.

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Browser can do, @Nanook, but diaspora allows only jpg, png and gif.
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@Christian Bredlow 🌿 Well then suggest you switch to a better node, the node really should not limit media from established standards.
I think all diaspora-pods don't allow webp yet. It's the software obv.

A Verdade em Batalha e o Livro de Martín Blandino (primeira parte)

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