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Funny Spam

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I'm generally annoyed at spam but this persons command of English was so pathetic, I could not help but be amused.
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Rand is a covidiot basher. Rand FTW!

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For most of human history, one human advanced civilization standing on the shoulders of those before them, but at some point some greedy bastards figured out they could make a lot more money if people could not copy them. I think it's time we consider whether there is any social benefit or ethical justification for copyrights and patents.

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Block Inc Sucks. #cashapp enables violent criminals, prostitution, and illicit drug dealers.. read this.



#square #block #money #cashapp


Initially, I heard that a klonkie was a black playmate for a white kid in South Africa. Each kid would often have a black playmate growing up who was a child of one of the servants, and they would be somewhat inseparable, but as they grew up, they would grow apart from one another.

The Dictionary of South African English, though, says:

klonkie, noun

AfrikaansShow more

derogatory, offensive
Of black or ‘coloured’ people: a patronizing name for a youth; an insulting name for a man; klong.
1953 A. Paton Phalarope (1963) 25The klonkies there, the small black boys, having learned it from the soldiers who camped in Venterspan during the war of 1939, saluted him.
Show more
1989 J. Hobbs Thoughts in Makeshift Mortuary 277‘The klonkie up the ladder?’ He jerked his head at Jake. ‘He’s just a painter who was recommended to us.’

Klong is also interesting:

klong, noun

See klonkie.

1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 268Klong,..The word is in common use in various parts of South Africa, and is applied to coloured males without reference to age, much as the word ‘boy’ is among the English colonists; indeed so far has the original sense disappeared that the expression ‘ou’ klong’ (lit. ‘old small youngster’) is by no means uncommon.
1963 A.M. Louw 20 Days 71‘He is a big klong now. I can’t work for him any more. He must work for me. What does a mother bring children up for?’ she said.

Very interesting material - check out more here:
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Curious why they used a green mamba, about the most venomous snake known to mankind, for their cover picture?

hello 😀 thanks for having me!
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@John Rawlins When I try to view it, I'm just getting an exception, so something buggy in the code.
@Nanook hmm. i joined from linux, using firefox developer. i usually use that or seamonkey.
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@John Rawlins Well the contact portion is working now and I see your image, it is almost as if the database is behind for some reason.
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@John Rawlins BTW I also am connection from Linux using Firefox, Ubuntu 22.10 to be specific. This is the first time I've seen it do this but we just updated a couple of days ago so may be they broke something in the code.
@Nanook any time one runs apt-get -u dist-upgrade and hits enter, something is bound to break somewhere. 😀
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@John Rawlins That is for sure. On my workstation I keep it current because I often find myself building things where I need to newest libraries, but on the servers I only upgrade to the LTS, always a hassle, however the upgrade I was referring to was Friendica, just recently did a friendica upgrade. And today your whole profile was visible so apparently workers were behind.
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Why So Much Negativity?

Been perusing Youtube and Minds and Bastyon along with the Fediverse and all I can find is negativity, the world is going to end because we have too many people and are going to bake ourselves in CO2, this despite the fact that where I live over the last 40 years the number of winter days below freezing have more than doubled, sea levels are going to flood, well measurements are averaging about one foot in three hundred years, so I don't see this as a big threat. Or if we don't bake in global warming, we're going to live in severe poverty and poor health because there aren't enough young children to replace functional adults as they retire and make all the goods and services, so this scenario says there won't be enough workers, but then on the flip side people are saying AI and advanced robotics are going to replace us all and there won't be any jobs.

The only existential threat I see are the fear mongers trying to scare us all into obedience so they can control and depopulate us. The ultra rich and greedy, the Klaus Schwabs and their Nazi armies, the Bill Gates and his mass murder agenda, these are the real threats, the Askhanazi bankers like Rockefellers and Rothchilds that want to control the worlds money supply, they all use fear to control us. And it makes sense that they would use fear because it is hard-wired into us as a powerful emotion. Before modern times we were at the mercy of larger predators, lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! Now the really dangerous predators are the ultra rich. But we have them out numbered a million to one, all we need to do is STOP being afraid, unite, and remove them from the planet.

This climate emergency is really so much bullshit, the planet has GREENED as a result of increased CO2 by around 50%, much desert now supports life, and few modern buildings will last three hundred years or will be placed within a foot of sea level. Most people won't notice a 2-3 degree change in temperature. And there has historically been NO increase in violent storms, hurricanes and tornadoes despite the doom sayers prophesies. Forest fires haven't increased, except in limited areas where forest management policies have changed allowing more undergrowth to accumulate, such as in Californicatia. And realistically, the sun is getting warmer and in half a billion years will boil away the oceans and this particular cosmic experiment will be over.

Perhaps mankind is destined to just be a flash in the pan and gone, and certainly if you allow Klaus, Gates, and the rest of the Askhanazi psychopaths to rule the world, it will be, but I would rather prefer to see us continue to evolve and develop and become a truly interstellar species, and I do see a way forward for this to happen but it really require we apply ourselves. First, we need to get rational about what to fear and what not to fear, and instead of looking at ways we can end humanity, look for ways that we can preserve and enhance it, because it is human nature to go where we are looking.

So let me suggest this, there is a way the natural reduction in birth rates that has happened with urbanization AND AI can actually work mutually towards our benefit BECAUSE they are opposite effects on the job market that could cancel themselves out. And to the degree we have this lower than replacement level of birth rate, much of it is due to urbanization much is also due to fear, fear of bringing children into a declining world as sold to us by the fear mongers, when the truth is the world, our living standard as a whole, is actually better than it's ever been. Freedom not so much, but that loss of freedom is largely a function of our unwillingness to accept responsibility and allowing ourselves to be motivated by fear rather than by more positive things like love, and growth, and development, and exploration.

If instead of pulling back on energy production and consumption, we instead focus on increasing our energy supply with newer more sustainable BUT reliable and economic sources, and reliable and economic is where wind and solar fail but even they can be improved, both through improved storage and through a super grid that allows the natural variability of these supplies to be spread across a larger portion of the planet. We can do this by creating a super-grid, a grid where long distance transmission lines that use extremely high voltage DC or DC superconductive lines to transmit energy efficiently over very large distances allowing geographical diversity to help balance demand and supply.

I believe our carbon foot print is a problem that will take care of itself because extractive technologies get more expensive over time and burning hydrocarbons for energy will eventually price themselves out of the market, and if we allow this to happen over time we will adapt and replace it with better sources. There are today good alternatives, there are new drilling technologies such as microwave and laser drilling that can allow us to reach productive geothermal resources almost anywhere in the world. This means of energy production is 24x7 base load energy that we need. There is a type of reactor known as a molten salt reactor, some designs can be efficient breeders. These are not only extremely safe because all of their safety mechanisms are passive relying only on physics and not technology, but also they are inherently self regulating and the breeders can burn the actinides in existing waste reducing the nuclear waste disposal problem from a million year problem to a 300 year problem because the fission products all decay to a level equal or less to that of the original mined ore within 300 years.

One of the reasons we fear is that we are not so good at extrapolating into the future. The assumption is always made that our technology 100 years from now will be no different than today, but to understand the absurdity of that assumption just look at 100 years into the past.

Economics, this is a real problem. A lot of folks looking at the evils of capitalism seem to want to push us into a world communist system, but if you look at historical communist successes you'll find the number is exactly equal to zero. The big advantage of capitalism is the automatic adjustment of demand and supply and that it rewards people in a given sector that are best at promoting that sector. Communism loses in both of these regards, it doesn't get people doing things were they can be the most productive and it does not balance supply and demand. Where capitalism results in an unequal distribution of wealth, communism results in no wealth to distribute so everyone is equally poor.

Part of what has allowed capitalism to run amuck is the Ashkanazi banking system of creating money out of thin air and loaning it at interest. People who promote "real money" such as precious metals or crypto need to understand they are only replacing one fiat currency with another because at the end of the day you can't eat crypto or gold, it only serves as a medium of exchange, the only advantage these have over paper is that they are a limited resource, and that would be not a bad thing if and only if those commodities weren't needed for something else, in the case of gold and silver, for much modern electronic technologies, and in the case of crypto, it is at tremendous waste of energy.

Iceland has proven that capitalism can work well if you simply jail the Ashkanazi bankers. Russia by tying the Ruble to gold and kicking the Askhanazi bankers out has massively improved their economy, but this is the real reason the Ashkanazi are trying to drive NATO up to Russias borders, to punish them for threatening their banking scam. I think we need to do what Iceland has done world wide. Not necessarily what Russia has done though better than doing nothing.

Anyway, hoping here that I can get people to see there is a way through if we're smart, don't let fear drive us over the cliff, and proceed by taking ownership of our future and acting responsibly.
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very interesting take on things. I agree with most of this, but I do draw some interesting bits of information here and there where some of these things are in opposition but not the base dynamic stated. 😀

This is well written, though.

When I'm more awake, I'll address these things individually as I ran across them while reading.

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@John Rawlins Yes please do. This is how we can arrive at workable solutions.

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Yeah this is a bit out of control...

Nearly half of Britons believe they have been a victim of ‘sonic snooping’ – where ads for a product pop up on your phone screen soon after talking about it or seeing it on TV.

Cybersecurity specialists NordVPN have now said this phenomenon really is happening, thanks to apps listening in to background noise – and potentially private conversations too.

They said a phone’s microphone may be constantly picking up clues as to where someone is, what they are doing and what they are interested in.

But it's also so normalized at this point.

I do not even fear these things anymore.

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Sexypink pleroma (AP)
dang that guy looks gay as fuck

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Testing from a new iOS app

I guess we live in a world where the USA really does have to put in the work to be the best in international baseball - so be it.

It's a more exciting place to live now.

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Worth a Watch - FBI Chief on Illuminati

Note: for some reason this is at 2x speed, set playback speed to .5x and it will play normally. About a minute into it speed returns to normal then switch back to 1x.
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