Why it will appear the vaccines work

Two MAGIC reasons why it will appear that #covid #vaccines work.
1. The FDA just approved the use of HCQ for treating covid.
2. Studies have shown that Ivermectin (a chemical used to de-worm animals) is effective against covid-19.
Both are cheap (Doc Wallach said Ivermectin is cheaper than bubble gum) so, all of a sudden, anyone can be cured. And some are going to be dumb or uninformed enough to think it is the vaccine.

Election status URL is a place where updated items will be posted.
@Kylo Pretty well. Taking longer than I like but I guess it is necessary to make sure you catch all the crooks.

America's Frontline Doctors 17 October Stream

YouTube has deleted this video. I have a copy at . Grab a copy and share it.

Wacko Racist Woman

I tell people I "escaped from the U.S." and some ask why I say that. Here is a good example. Note that I lived for a few years in "the next town" from where this took place. The difference is that I was in Hermosa Beach where mostly sane people lived.

Bullet-style Airplane

While CNN Travel is not where I would go for news, a friend pointed me to this article on an interesting new aircraft design.

Engineering for Change

E4C is an organization that promotes low-impact construction (among other things). They are offering a seminar on Equitable Building Approaches.

Democrats Give Up

Democrats essentially CONCEDE the election: Nancy Pelosi demands “no debates” as Democrats face the truth that Joe Biden is a walking Alzheimer’s patient who belongs in a nursing home
Strange. Try the YouTube URL directly at
Nanook friendica
The friendica link worked fine for me. Maybe it just doesn't like Democrats.
Ivan Peralta friendica (via ActivityPub)
But it didn't work for me, and I'm neither of your hyper-polarized leaners.
Ivan Peralta friendica (via ActivityPub)
Yeah, some of what Dore's got to say isn't wrong, but as with so many they're just so colour-blind that you lose an accurate view of a path forward. Trump is a symptom, sure, but to pretend that it was just the Democratic party is having rose coloured glasses.
Nanook friendica
Because someone's opinion differs from yours doesn't make it wrong or inaccurate. Last time I checked, God's name wasn't "Ivan Peralta".
Ivan Peralta friendica (via ActivityPub)
Nobody said anything of the sort, but you sure seem to read a lot in to the very simple premise that you don't get to choose your own facts.

It's plainly obvious you are stuck wallowing in your ignorance and how dare anyone point it out. Have a good day.
Nanook friendica
I've seen the same "Premise" on Farcebook. It's a "Premice" that is ruining this country. I didn't put this node up here just to have it turned into another Farcebook by libtards that want to control the narrative. They're entitled to their opinions just as I'm entitled to mine, but they have to understand that's all they are is opinions, not facts.

Trump isn't the problem -- he is a symptom of the problem

Jimmy Dore goes deeper (with his typical humor) to explain why we elected Trump.
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