Wild stuff happening up in Canada:

India also expelled an unnamed Canadian diplomat on Tuesday after Trudeau revealed Monday that there are “credible allegations” that agents of the Indian government were involved in Nijjar’s shooting death, and that India’s top intelligence officer in Canada was being expelled as a consequence.

Also interesting to see liberal Jagmeet Singh get in on this:

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said the allegation deserves more scrutiny, which will come through police investigations and the upcoming public inquiry. He also wrote to the judge in charge of the public inquiry, asking her to explicitly include Indian interference in her work.

We are actually beginning to reach the point where the US is passing people on to Canada:

"City Hall sources said the move was part of a 're-ticketing' plan to help migrants work their way to Canada, according to The New York Post, where president Justin Trudeau has been outspoken about building a haven for people in need.

"Some of the migrants taking the National Guardsmen up on their offer told The Post they were heading to Canada because they felt it would be more welcoming for them and provide better opportunities than the United States."
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