This should honestly alarm people, IMO:

The coral reef off southeast Florida is experiencing an unprecedented and potentially deadly level of bleaching this summer because of rising ocean temperatures caused by climate change, federal scientists said Thursday.

Some sites around the Florida Keys are being exposed to twice the amount of heat stress that causes corals to die, and earlier in the year than ever before, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a telephone news conference. They said the phenomenon is likely to affect the Caribbean very soon and a global bleaching event could be just around the corner.

“We are quite concerned and worried and stressed about this event,” said Ian Enochs, a research ecologist at NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory. “It’s not a normal thing.”

It's definitely not good that things like this are happening.

Nanook friendica
It's already been proven that it's over fishing and not temperature that caused the bleaching, the fish eat something that attacks the coral and cause the bleaching, if the fish population is adequate to control this parasite then the coral are healthy even in warmer temperatures. And global warming only affects ocean temperatures very near the surface anyway.
Vee McMillen diaspora
Aha, thanks, I knew it! They lie.

Absolutely hilarious tactic.

Just Stop Oil's 'Beyond F***ed Banquet' was derailed today by counter-protestors, who set off alarms suspended in balloons.

The group - which this week clashed with JSO as they prepared to march on London - was revealed to be led by British YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners.

They shared today how they had send a mole 'undercover [...] for the past few weeks' to 'help stop Just Stop Oil' as public opposition to the group mounts.

Manners told MailOnline this evening: 'Climate Change is the greatest crisis facing our generation - but if we're going to solve it we need to work together.

'JSO's tactics over the last 18 months haven't worked; indeed people across the country are put off this vital cause as a result of their protesting.

'The people at JSO are well intended; but they're going about it the wrong way. Stopping mothers getting to hospital, or ruining people's day out at the snooker isn't doing anything to tackle climate change.'

Interesting to see that other environmentalists are ultimately behind this.

It is also absolutely the case that the 9/11 lawyers would know all about this having dealt extensively with issues pertaining to the lung health of firefighters and other first responders - the lawyer stating even that that clients of his “are dying every single day from 9/11 toxic dust."

Very damning lines:

Comparing the EPA’s assurances following the 2001 terror attacks with its recent ones, Barasch, a longtime legal advocate for first responders to the 9/11 attacks and others harmed by resulting toxic dust, argued that “21 years ago, the government at least had a reason: they wanted to reopen Wall Street.”

“They should have just been honest with people then and said, ‘Look, if you don’t have to be downtown in your office, stay away until the fires go out,’” he said. “And that’s what they should have done here.”
Robert Ferris friendica
It's truly disheartening to witness the repercussions of the 9/11 toxic dust on our brave firefighters and first responders. The comparison between past and recent government assurances by Barasch is damning. Honesty and transparency are crucial. On another note, if you're looking for a diversion, you can try the CarX Street Mod APK—a thrilling racing game that might provide a much-needed escape. Stay strong, everyone!
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