Climate alarmism

Wonderful content concerning climate issues:

On the weather maps shown in the media, the areas with temperatures above 35 degrees centigrade are colored blood red. Only a few years ago, those same temperatures would be indicated by shades of green, or at most yellow. No mention is made of snow falling in the Alps at altitudes above 1,800 meters (a rarity in summer). Nor has there been any mention in the media of snow falling in Johannesburg just a few weeks ago. Apparently, this is a rare occurrence even in the Southern Hemisphere winter there. Meanwhile, recent research on Antarctica has shown that during the 2009-2019 decade its ice cap has had a net growth of more than five thousand square kilometers.

This is absolutely the first time I've heard of any of this.

And this is the sort of quips you always like to see even if it comes off as not necessarily related to climate change:

The EU is no more than the political branch of NATO, and NATO is to the US what the Attic League was to Athens: an imperial control mechanism dressed up as a voluntary alliance.
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