Nonbinary Teacher Insane-O

In clown world, people give angry speeches on video emphasizing their own irrelevance and signing off on arson & rioting:

"Black people’s bodies were literally the currency that our white founding fathers used to fund for revolution. As far as I’m concerned, as a white person, and as a history teacher, if your ancestors built this country, you have the right to burn the motherf—-r to the ground. And White people I’m [going to] need you to do better because your opinion on this is at best, irrelevant, and at worst, literally propagating white supremacy."

Moreover, since they are the experts on everything, they also apparently feel comfortable hiding whatever "gender changes" your kids may be going through because they know better than any parent possibly ever could.

"The teacher has also reportedly admitted hiding students’ gender changes, and said comments made regarding such changes were part of the district’s policy."

I also do not want to make light of the conditions that these people have - they should be helped, period.

Nobody is helping them by mutilating their bodies and pushing them further into their delusions.
Nanook friendica
@J. Løvstuhagen This is particularly true of teenagers. They are in a phase of life where hormones and brain structures are changing rapidly and what they want or how they feel at the moment is likely to be vastly different than what they will want or how they will feel ten years down the road.
Right - plus, being so youthful, they are enamored with new ideas, and they flutter from place to place.

It's really quite romantic when the world is not full of poison like it is now.

Every time they try to create oversight of agencies not explicitly for combating corruption as we understand it, it is truly just an effort at increasing the power of the government and, in this case, of their ideology.

"The order is supposed to level the racial playing field by “addressing systemic racism in our Nation’s policies and programs”, but it does nothing of the kind. In truth, the order represents a massive and disturbing restructuring of the federal government in a way that fundamentally changes the manner in which the agencies operate. The new system will feature “equity” commissars who will have nothing to do with “systemic racism”, but will be appointees designated to enforce the edicts of the state. The senior agency official (in these agency equity teams) will then coordinate with the “Gender Policy Council” which is directly linked to the executive branch of government. In short, the administration is methodically building the basic scaffolding for a centrally-controlled police state masquerading as social justice operation."


"Just as the Vaccine narrative was crafted by big pharma, Madison Avenue and an accommodating media, we expect that senior agency officials will generate propaganda that aligns with the Party Doctrine while advancing the agenda of elites."

Of course the policies will be sold & spoon-fed to Americans who will then think that without the government fulfilling these important tasks it'll fall apart.

Till Reexamined

Whether you like it or not, they have built a solid case:

"The answer is “Yes.” The heritability of psychopathic traits is high. For “fearless dominance,” it is 0.42, which means 42 percent of the variance for this trait is genetic. For impulsive antisocial behavior, heritability is 0.51, and for externalizing aggression it is 0.7 "


"She claimed that many innocent black GIs were executed during the war for having sexual affairs with white married women, who rescued their marriages by claiming they were raped. She implied that this may have been true of her estranged husband. Emmett knew in 1955 that his father was not a “war hero.” Mamie told Emmett about a vague military telegram that said his father was guilty of “wilful misconduct.”

"But amateur boxer Louis Till’s pre-war character and behavior, which included brutal domestic abuse, was also entirely in line with his being capable of rape and murder. After a trivial disagreement with Mamie—Louis didn’t want her to eat her mother’s vegetables because he was jealous of her mother’s cooking—”the next thing I knew he had pounced on me,” Mamie recalled: ..."


"Mamie’s book hints at other relevant factors. Emmett was a breech birth, a risk factor for later antisocial behavior and psychopathology due to brain damage."


"As well, witnesses couldn’t believe Emmett Till’s fearlessness as the white men took him away. His cousins recall having to monitor him at all times, even when in a store, which implies that he did not know how to behave or, more likely, did know and didn’t care. Mamie had given him “The Talk,” emphasizing that he must abide by the segregationist code of the time. Till willfully ignored this, even failing to address his abductors as “sir” in what would have been seen as a serious act of “disrespect.”"
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