Andy Ngo Trial - Judge Rules in Favor of Antifa

Fairly remarkable in the sense that we are literally seeing this in a courtroom, but absolutely unsurprising that it is in Portland:

During closing statements, defense lawyer Michelle Burrows told the jurors that not only does she self-identify as a progressive and “anti-fascist,” she is going to make herself an “I am Antifa” t-shirt to wear after the trial. She told the jury that the negative reputation surrounding Antifa is false and painted the organized militant group as activists that fight for social justice and civil rights, despite their extensive documented history of carrying out acts of violence.

In defense of Antifa, Burrows told the jury, “Resistance in this country has never been peaceful.”

But I also like the way that she walks it back here, lol:

However, as she argued before the jurors, Ms. Burrows admitted that the “black clad people” that had physically beaten Andy Ngo were “terrorists.”

OK... So you want to make a tee shirt that represents your affiliation with a group of people who engage in terrorism..?

The defense attorney went on to claim that journalist Andy Ngo does not have clean hands. She implied that Ngo is also a “doxxer” because he posts publicly available mugshots of the crimes that Antifa-affiliated individuals have committed on his Twitter account, in which he has more than one million followers.

Seeing that the lawyer calculated that, to some degree, people naturally dislike doxing is also something that I find encouraging. Doxing as a tactic may be quite limited as a tactic - eventually there will be enough of a consensus to outright illegalize the process, as is already the case to some degree in California.

Vee McMillen diaspora
Another very bad call.

"Oh, please forgive me," she says.

"Now we have to cane you," says one of the staff.

Vee McMillen diaspora
Very low scum of the earth to hit elderly people.

It might actually be the case that this is a relatively unimportant charge that just isn't being substantiated with enough evidence and they are unbothered due to the largesse of the remaining cases against him but it still makes me uneasy.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) informed a federal judge late Wednesday it did “not intend to proceed” with a campaign finance charge against disgraced FTX founder and Democrat super donor Sam Bankman-Fried.

Consultation with the Bahamas on the campaign finance charges in Bankman-Fried’s original extradition document last year were behind the decision as part of an effort to adhere to the legal obligations therein, Forbes reports.

The campaign finance violation charge was among eight counts present in the DOJ’s original indictment—which also includes wire fraud, securities fraud and money laundering—in December.

As FNF legal situations can be complex and subject to change, it's essential to stay informed through reliable news sources and official statements from the DOJ for any further updates or developments in the case.

Sinister forces at play:

A couple in Marion County, Florida, was arrested and charged with human trafficking after they allegedly bonded three women out of jail and gave them housing but forced them into prostitution.

Joselito Martinez and Tanya Wurster are charged in connection with the human trafficking of three women between 2019 and 2021 at various locations throughout Central Florida, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation said in a press release, according to Fox 35.

After the couple bonded the women out of jail and provided them a place to live, the women were allegedly forced to engage in "commercial sex acts with customers," which helped the pair rake in more than $300,000 from the victims over the course of two years.

According to investigators, Martinez used "narcotics, threats of violence, and humiliating acts such as shaving the victim's head to control the victim." Deputies said he also forced two women to receive tattoos to brand them as his property.

The child Martinez and Wurster share together was also in the home where the alleged prostitution had occurred.

This is why you have to be actively policing the streets - to discover this garbage.

These sorts of articles are worth it just for the parts like this:

YNW Melly Skipped YNW SakChaser’s Funeral, Instead Showed Up After to Family Dinner ‘Happy Dancing’
YNW Melly allegedly skipped YNW SakChaser’s funeral and only attended a family dinner after the funeral, McNeal said.

“He came in dancing, happy dancing,” McNeal explained in an exclusive interview.

The defense claims DNA on the knife sheath was “planted.”

Prosecutors asked the court to issue a protective order on the genetic genealogy information developed by the FBI using a DNA profile obtained from the snap of the knife sheath found on Maddie Mogen’s bed.

Kohberger faces the possibility of the death penalty if convicted of the murders of Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin last November. The four students were found dead in their off-campus house in Moscow, Idaho.

Kohberger’s defense attorneys wrote in their objection that they want to see how many other potential suspects were overlooked.

They even suggested that Kohberger’s DNA could have been planted:

“The State’s argument asks this Court and Mr. Kohberger to assume – is that the DNA on the sheath was placed there by Mr. Kohberger, and not someone else during an investigation that spans hundreds of members of law enforcement and apparently at least one lab the State refuses to name.”

Headlines no longer need to make sense.
Nanook friendica
News Sites that print such headlines need to have their management tarred and feathered and not another cent spent by anyone on advertising with them, anyone that does advertise with them needs to be boycotted.

90% of the vessels go undetected - truly remarkable that there has not been any desire to change the way that they engage with the threat to the porous coastline.

This can only be chocked up to the inertia of bureaucracy and the lack of any real concern for the health of Americans.

At least $1billion worth of cocaine has been seized from 'narco subs' en route to the US in the last eight years, can reveal.

But anti-smuggling commanders believe around nine in 10 boats evade detection, meaning up to $9 billion worth of the drug may have entered the country via these vessels.

Criminal gangs are increasingly using drug-laden semi submersibles to transport vast quantities of illicit substances into the US as they seek to outwit maritime police.

The boats, which are not fully submersible but can dip under water like submarines, have advanced significantly in recent years.

One former cartel member has predicted that missions, previously considered 'kamikaze rituals' for crews, will soon be run by drug traffickers using remote controls from the safety of their headquarters.

It comes after a Colombian man dubbed the 'Prince of Submersibles' was jailed in the US for more than 20 years for running a fleet of narco subs shipping cocaine into the country.

Official data on the number of narco-subs smuggling drugs into the US is yet to be released, but an audit of publicly available U.S. Coast Guard busts by has found at least $1billion worth of cocaine has been seized from these boats since 2015.

Given that the audit was only of cases already made public, the real figure is likely to be much higher.

Maritime police insist they are getting better at intercepting the boats, but operation commanders have compared scouring the open ocean for 20 foot semi-submersibles to a pair of police cars patrolling the entire country.

I gotta admit this is pretty creative - makes you feel like you're in the wrong line of business.

Greek Wildfires


The Rhodes wildfire nightmare has become the largest fire evacuation in Greek history - as 19,000 people have been forced to flee from villages and hotels.

Holiday firms TUI and Jet2 have cancelled all flights to Rhodes as the popular holiday destination has been gripped by wildfires, forcing thousands of tourists to flee.

Greece has issued warnings over 'extreme fire risks' in the areas of Attica, Evia, Boeotia, Corinthia, Ilia, Argolis, Messinia and Rhodes.

But some firefighters believe the fires engulfing the island - which began five days ago - may have been started on purpose, stating 'fires are set by human hands.'

'Whether it is due to negligence or fraud will be seen (but) people have been summoned for statements and others will be summoned.

It is at least good to see the Greeks are already in the mood of investigating this seriously.

Nanook friendica
Can't help but wonder if these are sparked by the same arsonists who started the Canadian wild fires this year and the California wildfires last or the year before?

감정적 테러 사건.

서울 관악구 신림동에서 행인을 상대로 무차별 흉기를 휘둘러 1명을 살해하고 3명을 다치게 한 조모(33)씨가 남들도 불행하게 만들고 싶었다고 경찰에 진술한 것으로 파악됐다.

22일 관악경찰서에 따르면 조씨는 경찰 조사에서 범행 동기에 대해 '나는 불행하게 사는데 남들도 불행하게 만들고 싶었고 분노에 가득 차 범행을 한 것'이라는 취지로 진술했다.

또 범행 장소로 신림역을 택한 이유에 대해선 '이전에 친구들과 술을 마시러 몇 번 방문한 적이 있어 사람이 많은 곳이라는 것을 알기에 정했다'는 식으로 진술했다고 경찰은 전했다.

Two Political Layers in Mexican Kidnapping

I was a bit surprised to see not one but two intersections:

The US citizens were driving through Matamoros in Tamaulipas state in a white minivan when a group of unidentified gunmen shot at them.

They were then placed in a vehicle and taken away, the US government said.

The US has not confirmed Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's statement saying that the Americans had crossed the border to buy medication.

The missing Americans, who were kidnapped on 3 March, have not been identified.

"There was a confrontation between groups and they were kidnapped," Mr López Obrador said Monday.

The incident also resulted in the death of an innocent Mexican citizen, US ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar said in a statement.

"We have no higher priority than the safety of our citizens," the ambassador said.

"Officials from various US law enforcement agencies are working with Mexican authorities at all levels of government to achieve the safe return of our compatriots", he continued.

Not only is there the angle of Mexican criminals victimizing American tourists, which will have huge ramifications for tourism, but there is also the part where Americans are abroad to purchase cheap medicine.

Oddly enough, while politicians might want to utilize this for elections, it would seemingly become a poor juxtaposition when you consider the sore spot that is illegal immigration.

While noting the most murderous cities in the world, American cities are covered by Alan Wall over on vdare:

But major American cities don’t come across well, either. The United States had seven of the world’s most murderous cities.

No. 1 was New Orleans, which at No. 8 on the list fell in with the other nine Mexican cities. Its murder rate is 70.56 per 100,000, a higher murder rate than any city in Mexico with the exception of the top 7.

Our most murderous cities:

8. New Orleans
17. Baltimore
23. Detroit
25. Memphis
27. Cleveland
39. Milwaukee
46. Philadelphia

The top four are majority black, while the bottom three are plurality black, so the rankings are obviously the result of systemic racism.
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