Trump Finally Calla for Release of J6 Detainees

It has certainly taken a long time for such a declaration to come, but at least it has been made.

Ivanka Trump Distancing Herself?

I don't know much or even anything about this current case of fraudulent financial statements being levied against the Trump empire, but I have heard some analysis that Ivanka is embarrassed by the rest of the Trumps, and she has no desire to be part of their next political campaign just like she has no stomach for the lawsuit.

That's fine by me.

Jared Kushner is not an interesting or skillful politician. I think there was even a conspiracy briefly in 2017-2018 where they wanted to portray Kushner as the brains behind the operation because it backed up the Jewish stereotype of goyim like Trump being incapable of holding their own without Jewish minders.

The further the couple gets away from Trump, the more appealing it would be to me.

DeSantis & Ukraine

I've been more skeptical of DeSantis since I've heard him essentially aim to limit the scope of criticism of Israel in Florida, and you can just see more now how he is probably a politician riding on the coattail's of Trump's populism to some degree.

This isn't completely bad... In fact, the more opportunists trying to capitalize off of Trump through imitation, the better. But why choose someone who is willing to abandon these principles when it is inconvenient when you can go with the originator?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis once strongly supported arming Ukraine to fight Russia, urging then-President Barack Obama to do so as a deterrent to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe – a position at odds with his statements this week questioning the United States’ involvement in the conflict.

As a conservative congressman, DeSantis, now a potential presidential hopeful, urged sending “defensive and offensive” weapons to Ukraine in 2014 and 2015 and even voted to refuse to fund a new missile defense treaty with Russia until they withdrew from Ukraine, according to a review of DeSantis’ past comments by CNN’s KFile.

Once an advocate of a hardline, hawkish approach to Russia by supporting Ukraine, the Florida governor shifted course this week in anticipation of a potential presidential run in a changed, more isolationist Republican party, questioning whether it was in the United States’ interest to be involved in what he called, “things like the borderlands or over Crimea.” He added that Russia was not “the same threat to our country, even though they’re hostile” and downplayed the threats that Russia could invade NATO countries.

This was all very much in line with what you would have expected from regular Republican geopolitics back in the day.

I prefer the alternative.

Emma Orabelle friendica
It's understandable to be skeptical of politicians who change their positions on important issues for political expediency. It's concerning when politicians prioritize their own political ambitions over their principles. tunnel rush

Trump on the War

What struck me was the claim that Trump actually said that when Russia initially put troops on the border, they were looking to negotiate.

That doesn't seem irrational at all. They would have likely looked for a deal that would liberate the DPR and LPR, maybe even just calling for an election.

That opportunity for us to assent to that and avoid a war passed when the bungling Biden administration took control.
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