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This is fascinating.

“There are cases in which international sellers randomly send their products, or even empty packages pretending to hold products, to unspecified addresses in Korea for the purpose of inflating their export records as part of a scam,” said the Korea Customs Service in a statement on Sunday.

“Considering that the recent unidentified international packages were sent to Korea in a similar format, we are trying to identify if this was indeed intended as a scam.”

It may just be the case that they are part of milking a national tax policy or assistance policy that gives benefits to international shippers.

This is also funny.

The flurry of reports came after three people at a welfare center for people with disabilities in Ulsan received unidentified international packages on Thursday.

They were treated at hospitals after they reported symptoms of dizziness and shortness of breath after opening the parcels.

People thought they were being Anthraxed or something lol

The kpop industry is apparently megacorrupt - this is also really amateur hour over at SM Entertainment:

Lee Soo Man thus drew up a plan to increase capital by issuing new stocks. He took approximately 900 million KRW from SM Entertainment's funds, and approximately 250 million KRW from SM Enterprise. This money was used to pay for new stocks, thus "increasing" the capital owned by SM Entertainment with its own funds.

In March of 2000, Lee Soo Man owned 66.99% of SM Entertainment's stocks. His father owned 4%, his mother owned 3.3%. In April of 2000, SM Entertainment made its public offering. By June of 2000, SM Entertainment had a market cap of 180 billion KRW (~ $139 million USD). In just one year, Lee Soo Man took 1.15 billion KRW (~ $888,000 USD) of SM Entertainment's funds and transformed it into about 90 billion KRW (~ $70 million USD).

In January of 2003, Lee Soo Man was listed as a wanted criminal on Interpol. In May of the same year, Lee Soo Man was tried and found guilty of embezzlement, receiving 2 years in prison, deferred by a probationary period of 3 years.

During the trial, the court concluded, "Lee Soo Man embezzled 1.15 billion KRW in his company's funds and used it to acquire stocks. With no evidence of any real capital, Lee Soo Man used fake capital to purchase stocks and pretended as if the company's capital had increased. Due to the seriousness of this crime, the defendant must face punishment." Lee Soo Man's legal representative attempted to defend the producer by claiming that the decision to invest company funds in new stocks was agreed upon by the board of directors, and that Lee Soo Man directly returned the borrowed funds.

Are rumors bad?

Yes. I don't believe in putting too much stock into them.

Nonetheless, the idea that you can just sue random people talking on the internet and speculating seems a bit off. If no reputable news site is covering these, there is no need to pretend that they actually affect you.
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