Women's Sports Ruined

Full clown world:

Trans weightlifter JayCee Cooper began sending demanding letters and suing the sport starting in 2019 after the sports authority denied his bid to compete as a woman. Ultimately, Cooper filed a lawsuit in state court in 2021 and won against the organization based on a Minnesota state anti-discrimination law that maintains he can compete under his “chosen gender.”

“By denying Cooper the right to participate in the female category, the category consistent with her self-identification, USAPL denied her the full and equal enjoyment of the services, support, and facilities USAPL offered its members,” Diamond wrote in his ruling. “It separated Cooper and segregated her and, in doing so, failed to fully perform the contractual obligations it agreed to when it accepted Cooper’s money and issued Cooper a membership card.”

Women's sports are going to be completeley ruined - and ironically by the policies designed for equality that they themselves campaigned for.
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