New York Immigration Spending

Already, New Yorkers have been forced to spend some $650 million on newly arrived border crossers and the total figure is expected to exceed $4 billion by next year. Much of that cost is being spent on migrants whom Adams has placed in multiple luxury hotels, for free, which is transferring millions from local taxpayers to wealthy landlords.

... How much are these guys going to be adding to the American tax base..?

Not off to a very good start.

New Yorkers Charged $5 Million Every Day to House, Feed, Care for Migrants

Latino Republicans Are Always Pro-Immigration

Excellent article from Vdare which points out that the Republican outreach to the Latino community ultimately results in a fifth column among the Republicans.

That is not to say that I think that Latinos should not be voted for - it is a case by case basis - but merely that we need a very clear idea onw here they stand on these issues when many of them have become advocates for policies fundamentally against what American conservatives want.

We are actually beginning to reach the point where the US is passing people on to Canada:

"City Hall sources said the move was part of a 're-ticketing' plan to help migrants work their way to Canada, according to The New York Post, where president Justin Trudeau has been outspoken about building a haven for people in need.

"Some of the migrants taking the National Guardsmen up on their offer told The Post they were heading to Canada because they felt it would be more welcoming for them and provide better opportunities than the United States."
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