Squeezing Money from Alex Jones

Just wild:

Earlier this month, Free Speech Systems proposed a bankruptcy plan that would pay an annual salary of $520,000 to Jones and leave $7 million to $10 million to annually pay creditors, including the victims’ families.

This is all really wild, IMO.

The guy is being milked. Basically everything he does from now on will largely benefit people he is completely disconnected from, and who were not actually negatively impacted by his work.

It's a travesty.
Nanook friendica
The deep state Ashkanazi's will do ANYTHING to maintain their control over the narrative.
@Nanook Absolutely true - I am not even a big Alex jones fan and do not even think that he poses a particular threat on the topic of Sandy Hook especially, but he takes people off of the media reservations, and his work concerning signaling against the vaxx is great.

Are rumors bad?

Yes. I don't believe in putting too much stock into them.

Nonetheless, the idea that you can just sue random people talking on the internet and speculating seems a bit off. If no reputable news site is covering these, there is no need to pretend that they actually affect you.
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